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Write the words you need to hear

Greetings and Good Morning!

Happy Friday to you!

For "Mai Reflective Friday" this week, I wanted to think about the "words I need to hear". I love this prompt because, its been a while, since I've thought about this in depth. Typically, in the past, when I've thought about this, or expressed myself regarding what I needed to hear, it was in terms of my relationships. It was always in response to telling someone, "I need you to say these words to me", so that I can feel this way, or, so that I know that you feel this way about me. So, today, although, I'm not responding directly to someone on what they need say to satisfy what I need to hear, I am, however, thinking inwardly about what I need to hear from others indirectly to confirm my thoughts on my own performance in life. I hope that makes sense.

Without further delay, let me break it down. I need to hear that I'm intelligent, beautiful, inspiring, strong, and wonderful to name a few. They are so ordinary, but I'm extraordinary. I go over and beyond what is expected in everything that I do, or at least I try. Although, I don't expect, request, or demand to hear these words, I will say, it is valued and welcomed when I do hear them. It makes me feel like I'm on the right track. I need to hear that I'm intelligent because, when I was a child, I was often told and my teachers thought that I couldn't learn at the level of my peers. I was always told and considered that I was "slow". I will have you know that, I'm not slow and I rejected that assessment of my learning abilities a long time ago! I'm highly intelligent, and I've proven myself and others, to be able to do more than most people ever expected of me. I need to hear that I'm beautiful because, I was never the "popular girl" in school. I know that I'm beautiful, but it means so much more when I hear it. I'm an acquired taste, I'm passionate and unique, and not everyone is attracted to my beauty. I need to hear that I'm inspiring because, if we cannot live a life becoming whom we were meant to be with purpose and drive, then what are we doing here. However, large or small my impact in life will be, I want someone to look at the content of my work as an inspirational force to make moves in their lives. I've spent my entire life making sure that, I accomplish every goal that I set in life, and I'm my own inspiration. Even if I don't succeed, I do my best to at least try. I feel so blessed, when I hear that my life's accomplishments is viewed as inspirational. I need to hear that I'm strong because, so many times I want to give up, but my mother didn't raise me to be weak or to give up. Prime example, growing up, when I was sick and didn't want to go to school, she would tell me that, I at least had to go and see if I could get through the day. When I made it through the day, I knew I could do anything. This lesson taught me to always push through even when I'm sick. No excuses! I need to hear that I'm wonderful because, I've done as much as I can in life to be good to others. I try to follow, "The Golden Rule", and it means a lot to me to be thought of as, "wonderful" and whom treat others well. There you have it! I've written the "words that I need to hear", and I'm happy that I hear them more often than not.

Think to yourself and reflect on this prompt. "What words do you need to hear?" I think that its important to know for ourselves what we need to hear, so if necessary, we can share this information with others.

Peace and Happy #ReflectiveFriday!

Thank you for reading my blog this morning. Hey, do me a favor, if you like or love this post, comment on it. I’d love to hear your feedback. Also, please feel free to share it with your family and friends in the social media universe. I greatly appreciate the support.

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