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A Bit About Me

It has always been my dream to become a professional writer, and it's a love that I shared with my late Grandmother, Flossie Lee Miles Graves.  For as long as I could remember, I've kept a journal to write down my thoughts and poetry.  So, it's only right that I keep the tradition going and honor her legacy!

One of my favorite genres is romance, and through my writing, I hope to add a little spice to the lives of my readers. I've always sought to write pieces that moved people emotionally, heat them up with sensuality, and truly make them feel what I felt as I wrote.  So, this is my opportunity to make an impact with my own stories.  I never in a million years expected to bring this dream to reality, but here I am. 

It is my pleasure, to invite you into my world of purple excellence to experience "The Purple Charm Experience".  If you're curious about the meaning behind the name, "Purple Charm", and why I use it so much, well, I'll tell you.  There's several reasons for it's significance.  

First, the color purple is one of my favorite colors, and it symbolizes my creativity, intuition, ambition, devotion, and power as a writer.  It also honors the love I have for, "The Purple One", the one and only, Prince.  I'm a huge fan of his music and have been for years, and I always will.  It also, is the name of a line dance that I created in 2016, in honor of Prince.  Finally, the "Charm" represents the first five letters of my name.  It also describes perfectly my personality because, I've been told that I'm very "Charming".   

I began writing, The Violet Rose, the first novella in the The Purple Charm Book Series, in June 2016.  It was the one story that even I couldn't stop writing.  I was so captivated in the process of writing it, and I'm so proud of it.  I decided that when I finally finished my book and went about publishing it, I would do so on my own.  With that said, I'm very proud to be a self-published a.k.a. "indie" author.  It was not easy, but when I left my job with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in March 2018, to relocate with my son and husband to Maryland, it was just the motivation that I needed to bring my dream to reality.  


The message that I hope that you take from reading my books or any of my works, is to always live with passion, discover your purpose and go after your dreams with fervor and confidence, and never be afraid to share your God given gifts and talents with the world!  I'm happy that I did because, it is a motto that I now live by. Happy Reading! 



Charmyra E. Fleming


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