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What do you love about life?

The morning is bright and new, as the humidity lingers in the air due to the overnight rains. I look to a yellow wall reflecting the sunshine of the beautiful Wednesday skies with black “tire clouds”. As I sit on a old and rugged leather couch having my car serviced, with the smell of new rubber tires and the mechanical sounds of electric wrenches and tools banging, men working on cars, wheel alignments, and oil changes, I think of the very simplistic presence in this moment as something I love about life.

This week, I wanted to focus on a statement that is so easy for me to spout off, the very immediate, tangible things that I can think of, as, "what I love about life". But what if I told you, I love the way life is like an open road. Full of wonder and beauty, ups and downs, all waiting for you to see and do with it what you please. There’s going to be countless forks in the road, and some turns will take you down the wrong path, but if you're wise, you'll learn early on, that you can always turn it around. You can always start over and go a different way. Or what if I said, I love the way life, will love you back if you're true to it, if you honor it, and if you give to it what makes up the best part of you. I love how life is the perfectly romantic, poetic and carefully orchestrated. Life boasts a confidence that takes pride and integrity, to live and lead. I'm in love with the way life, gives freely and it's handsome like my husband and man of my dreams, it reminds me of the magical smile on my son's face when he sleeps. With one thought, I love the way life can easily take me back to a memory of North Carolina summers in the 80's, and being a little brown girl, chewing on grape "Bonkers" candy, with two freshly combed ponytails, "jelly" sandals, a Zayre's department store kiddie jumpsuit, smelling of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, and looking to the sky with dreamy stars in her eyes about a bright future that one day led to today, this moment of reflection.

I know that it's taken me some time to get here, but I'm glad life is what it is. I'm thankful for my journey. There's so many things to love about life, but the simple things is what I've always loved most.

Thanks for reading my post today! Hey, do me a favor, if you love or like this post, reflect on it, discuss and share it with your friends and family in the social media universe!


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