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Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

There are times in life when things aren't as clear as they one day will be. No one is born into this world with a book on how to navigate to your best life possible. It's just something that we all have to strive for but through trial and error.

Something wonderful and powerful happened to me today! I wanted to capture my feeling in this moment so that I'll remember it, and so that I can share it. Maybe someone else will feel this way too one day! I'm encouraged today and I feel totally blessed because, I've gone through so much in my career, and to get to this point in my life is a blessing. Today, I'm on cloud nine and completely and utterly proud of myself because, today, I officially became a business owner!

I can truly say that it is the most empowering and rewarding feeling that I've ever felt as a business professional. I'm taking control over my future, and I'm going to pave a way for myself and my family. I'm a role model for my son, and a woman that my husband can be proud of.

To anyone in need of encouragement today, I pat you on the back and say, "you can do all things". You have to trust and believe in the manifestation of your dreams into reality. I subscribe to a wonderful YouTube page by Jake Ducey, and he always says, "everything that we've ever wanted or needed in life is already within reach, we just have to align with them". I believe in a God and universe that provides, and anything that I ask for shall be given. None of this would be possible if it were not for him. I also, thank the people in my circle who support my vision and encourage me day in and day out because, without them I don't know where I'd be.

I believe in the power of the gift that we each have to give to the world. I'm so glad that I discovered mine, and I'm so willing to allow the source of which all of my creativity flows work through me.

So today I ask you to "never give up on your dreams", keep pushing until they are the manifestation of your reality!

Happy Friday!

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