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Mai Pop Life: Reflective Friday

"Pretty women wonder where my secret lies..."

I love Maya Angelou for her creativity and powerful use of words through her writing. She was amazing! Her writing has always been an inspiration to me. The words from her poem, "Phenomenal Woman", resonated with me when I was in high school. I've always believed, it embodied the woman that I am, always have been, and always will be. I remember realizing my confidence, strength, and depth as a woman and human-being in high school, when I competed as a "Jabberwockette" in the DST Sorority, Jabberwock Pageant in 1999. I was a "Phenomenal Woman" that evening! Each and every day that I live, "Phenomenally...Phenomenal Woman, that's me!"

This week I've crushed my goals of working closer to completing my second book! I've over 20,000 words this week, and I'm hoping to have my second book of the "The Purple Charm Series", completed in the coming weeks!

Crush your goals and realize your potential! Strive for greatness and your dreams will become your reality!

Happy Friday!

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