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Sunday Brunch with Lincoln for Labor Day

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pros: Beautiful dining room decor, clean restrooms, great music, and fun atmosphere.

Cons: Food is ok, feels a little cramped when full of dining guests, and street parking is a nightmare.

This past Labor Day weekend, I was visiting with one of my wonderful friends that live in the D.C. / Silver Spring, MD area, and she suggested that we have brunch at this amazing restaurant called, Lincoln. First of all, I wasn’t aware of the seriousness of “brunching” here, in the D.C. area, but I learned very quickly. So if you're in the area, I highly recommend that you have brunch while you're here.

Lincoln was fabulous! The atmosphere was awesome, the many elements that make it unique, such as, real pennies embossed into the wooden floor was super cool. I thoroughly enjoyed the music during brunch, the bottomless Bellinis was wonderfully yummy, and our waiter “Moses” was excellent! I’ve never really gone out to brunch, but if this is what it's like, you can sign me up every weekend! Plus, if the “typical” brunch scene isn't like this, and I find out that I can’t get this at a different restaurant, then I don’t want to go. So, I’ll gladly come back to Lincoln instead of going elsewhere because, now this is my expectation of “brunching”!

The food was pretty good. It didn't really wow me. Quite honestly, I'm pretty picky when it comes to food. I expect greatness! For the record, I'm not an "Elite Yelper" and "Google Maps Contributor" for nothing! Plus, I've lived in Boston, where the Eggs Benedict were the BOMB! Check out "South End Buttery". They set the bar for me. However, back to Lincoln, I ordered the hand-picked lump crabmeat Benedict, and the egg on one of the Benedicts was slightly over cooked, and I didn’t taste much crabmeat. I also wasn’t a fan of the “pickled” asparagus. The home fries left a weird after taste in my mouth. The bacon was delicious! You can't go wrong with bacon, and if you "mess it up", then why are you in business? The fried chicken and waffles was great! With that said, the ambiance, decor and service made up for a few shortcomings with the food. I won't hold it against them though. I would return and try something else on the menu. The general manager, Robert, was super friendly and came over to our table, and introduced himself. I know that's pretty customary now, but it was still nice to see his face and shake his hand.

As I close, I want to suggest getting there early because, finding street parking is tough, and most parking decks were closed. Possibly, because it was Labor Day weekend. However, we found one that was open, thankfully! Otherwise, we still may be looking for a parking space. We went during a holiday weekend and although traffic was “lite”, parking was still hard. So, I can only imagine what it’s like during a normal weekend. Also, make a reservation because, it fills up quickly and you’re likely to get turned away if you don’t. I can’t wait to return. Next time, I’ll just get the Chef’s Station. In my opinion, it’s the best bang for your buck.  If you'd like to read my review on google, click here.

Peace and Happy Brunching!

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