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Unforgettable Eating Experience

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pros: Artistically aesthetic, hip, socially conscious dining room decor, clean restrooms, great music, and fun atmosphere. The staff is quick and efficient.

Cons: Feels a little cramped when full of dining guests, and street parking is a nightmare.

Earlier this year, I had the sincere pleasure of dining at this restaurant. I should've posted sooner, but I guess it's better late than never. I'm new to the area and a dear friend suggested eating here for dinner! I'm so happy that she did because, it was an awesome experience!

As a writer, this is the perfect place for poets, socially conscious individuals, and the alike. There's always great events taking place at Busboys and Poets. There are other locations, but fortunately I was able to dine at the restaurant, located on 14th Street NW. I think that it is worth checking out!

We arrived at dinner time, and there was a “Book Reading” event that had just finished up. So there was a bit of a crowd. There was a little bit of a wait, but it was totally fine because, we just “paroozed” the “mini book store”. When we were finally seated (which was relatively quick), it was definitely worth the wait. The food was great, and the drinks were awesome too! I had the "Falafel Fritters" for my appetizer. They were super delicious. For my entrée, I ordered the nachos w/beef chili and it was a lot of food! It was plenty for me to take home for lunch the next day. But, if you’re with a group, it’s definitely perfect for sharing! The music was a great mix of of conscious rap artists, such as, “A Tribe Called Quest”, which was playing while we waited for our table. There was also an excellent mix of old school R&B artists, such as, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye, which was also popped up on the playlist. All, I know, is that eating here gave me good vibes, and I was “dancing” in my seat, as I dined with my friend.

As a suggestion, maybe take public transportation. That’s what my friend and I did. I only suggest public transportation, i.e. “Metro”, because street parking was difficult. I didn’t see a parking garage nearby, but that’s not to say, there isn’t one in the area. I wasn’t necessarily looking for one because, we were walking. Also, most of the street parking that I noticed was residential. So keep that in mind.

In closing, I hope to return to Busboys and Poets soon! I highly recommend this restaurant. Especially, if you’re in the area! I promise, if you’re open to it, you’ll have an “Unforgettable Eating Experience”!

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