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Sweets To Die For...Mmm Yum!

Hey there! Have I got a “Purple Charm” for you! Recently, my husband and I found a “Purple Charm” gem in downtown Frederick, MD. We’d been dying to find a cool local bakery, to pick up some tasty sweets for dessert on Mother’s Day. Although, we both love a good “Krispy Kreme” donut, but unfortunately, “Krispy Kremes” just wasn’t going to cut it!

I will say, while living in Boston, MA we fell in love with “specialty” donuts, and my favorites come from “Kane’s Donuts”! Hence, our desire to find a new spot to satisfy our “sweet tooth”. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the kind of bakery shop that has donuts with “bacon” on them. The kind of donuts and pastries that’s worth the guilty little pleasure you get while eating and enjoying them, but of course, in moderation, LOL!

Now, back to the gem at hand, the bakery that we found is called, “Cakes To Die For”! We picked up a delicious assortment of cupcakes. All of them were "to die for", but for me, it was especially, the “Salted Caramel”, ugh! Now this cupcake was excellent! This bakery was cool because, they had so many wonderful treats, and it was neat, clean and it smelled heavenly. The cupcakes here, taste like miniature cakes, and it is such a decadent piece of heaven!

If you’re in the Frederick, MD area, and you’re looking for a bakery that satisfy your cravings for something sweet, I highly recommend, “Cakes To Die For”! Yummers!

This place definitely "takes the cake"!

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