Mai Purple Sip: April 2018

Hey Purple Charmers:

So for "Mai" first "Purple Sip Post", I have to preface it with an apology because, I started this on my Instagram page, and I recently realized that it would be better served here. So the first post is dedicated to three weeks of sips I had in April 2018, when I began my "sips" for the spring season.

Now, onto the "good stuff", I don't know about you, but I love to have a beautiful drink or a "pretty" cocktail, so this Spring, I'm all about Rosé. If you're, a wine lover like me, then you'll love this gorgeous sip!

A few years ago, while living in Boston, a friend and I, embarked on a journey to "fall in love" with Rosé. We started our quest at a local wine store called, "The Urban Grape", nestled in Boston's South End (By the way, they have an incredible Rosé display), that opened our eyes and pallets to the wonders of Rosé. That Spring and Summer, we tried some very awesome varietals from this particular group of wine that varied in taste, from dry to sweet. One thing's for sure, is this wine is one that has definitely grown on me, and I'm so happy to be sharing a few with you that I've found recently.