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Why Authenticity is important in life?

Greetings and Good Morning! Happy Monday! ☀️

Today, I want to discuss a "word" that seems to have turned into a "buzzword" and has been a popular topic of discussion lately. For me, in my readings, I've come across articles online about being "authentic". This prompted me to think about it's importance in life. Many people walk around with a mask on, and afraid to be the real version of themselves in public. For some, it's out of fear of judgement and for others it's a way to protect themselves. We don't have to live this way. We can be open to a point, and sharing your true self to a point, doesn't mean that you have to compromise your authenticity in the process. This week, I want to briefly talk about, "why authenticity is important in life." So come on, lets dive in!

Being authentic is really not hard to do, but it is about being honest with who you are, and how you present yourself to the world. Even if you are not comfortable with sharing every single detail about your life with someone (and you shouldn't), it doesn't mean that you're phony or fake because of it. I believe that you can be authentic and genuine without feeling like you're hiding your life. Authenticity is rooted in a person's morality and values, it's how you live your life. Do you have integrity? Can people depend on you? When you look in the mirror do you like the person that you see? Do you treat others as you want to be treated? I believe being authentic is an important part of one's everyday life. It trickles over into your work, it governs your interaction with others, and how you manage your relationships is important to your authenticity. Take pride in living your true self, and letting people see who you are, authentically.

In an article by Sherrie Campbell, 10 Qualities of Authentic People -, she lists the following qualities of authenticity: Self-reflective; Healthy Ego; Focus on possibilities; Good character; Visionary; Listeners; Transparent; Open and Consistent; Team oriented; and Draw upon experiences. After reading this article, I would have to agree. By no means are we as individuals perfect, and sometimes we fall short of our own standards, but we can always strive to be the best versions of ourselves at all times. Yes, sometimes we have to make up for being inauthentic, but that does not trump our journey. The key is recognizing when you're not being true to yourself. When you surround yourself with authentic people, they will challenge you to be authentic as well, and confront you when you're not. If you want to experience growth in your life be more authentic, try to be a person that embodies the qualities of authenticity.

In closing this morning, it's a wonderful thing to be authentic. This world needs more people that live their lives being true to who they are, and embrace it. Whether that means, wearing your natural hair and less make up; speaking the way you feel comfortable (as long as it's not offensive 😃); and dressing in a way that empowers you and exudes your confidence authentically. Be blessed today, go out and change the world and show them your authenticity!

Peace and Happy #MondayMotivation!

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