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There’s Honor in Perseverance

Greetings, Happy Morning and Good Morning!

For "Mai Monday Motivation", I’m deeply humbled this morning by the thought of “Perseverance”. In the course of a week in a half, I've witnessed the loss of a loved one, and two “giants” in our American society. All three, when I think of their journeys over the past year, although very different in what they were facing, all of them put forth the same body of “spiritual armor” to persevere through the difficult road that was ahead of them.

I've learned, perseverance is a virtue. I’m reminded through the journey of these three human-beings, that it takes so much, to have the will within us to keep going and persevere, when it doesn’t look promising. My Great-Aunt, Aretha Franklin, and Senator John McCain, were all facing serious medical issues at the time of their transition. In all honesty, the status of their health at that time, would be hard for anyone to have the drive and perseverance to get through, but their strength and courage to fight for as along they did is honorable. This is the kind of honor we should all strive for.

I will look to the perseverance of these great individuals, as well as other individuals, as a model for my own life. When I think of this concept, I think of my own life, and my journey as an author. Right now, this is the most applicable place in my life where my ability to persevere is very important. I have to make sure that while I'm on this path, that I cannot beat myself up when things are not developing as fast as I want. Being able to persevere by definition, is having the "persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." In everything that I do going forward, I will remember the importance of this word, and living by its definition. It means so much when success is finally achieved, knowing, I've had the ability to persevere through the hard times. In the case of those having to persevere through a illness or health difficulties, the journey and the outcome is slightly different. However, if you can persist and overcome the delay of success to finally achieve a positive outcome, I believe, you too can have the victory!

As I close, there is indeed, "honor in perseverance". Today, I encourage you to remain steadfast to your goals in life. Remain steadfast to those everyday tasks that need your attention, or require your drive to persevere through to completion. No matter how big or small or difficult to achieve, it is important to persevere until you complete each one. You will be better for it. Ultimately, you never know whom may see your journey as a "model" for their journey, and deem your perseverance as honorable.

Peace and Happy #MondayMotivation!

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