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5 Steps to Maintaining Your Strength in Life During Adversity

The past three weeks, I’ve been truly challenged and faced with adversity brought on by a health scare of a family member, my mother. This tribulation has made me stronger, and, from the very beginning, it checked my faith and character. What I'm about to share with you is deeply personal for me, and I don't take it for granted that my story may be a source of inspiration for someone in need.

Three Sundays ago, I received a phone call from my father, informing me that my mother had suddenly been admitted to the hospital because she’d had a heart attack. Honestly, I nearly lost it! It was one of the scariest phone calls that I’ve ever received from home, and one of my worst nightmares. Quite honestly, it has taken my strength to the next level in order to power through this situation. Long story short, my mom is doing much better. She underwent bypass surgery to open the blockages in her heart, and I’m so thankful that she’s doing better. Through it all, I realized my strength, and hers, and it quickly became clear from whom I gather my strength. I knew that I had to keep a clear mind, so I prayed often and meditated almost daily. I also surrounded myself with supportive family members and friends. There were days that I just needed to talk, or have dinner with others to remove myself from the situation. I also ate, as healthy as possible, and drank a lot of water. Doing so, helped me to maintain a positive outlook. Finally, I took a couple of dance classes and tried to stay active. All of these things helped me tremendously. I had no time to be afraid, or to second guess my decisions. I had to be firm in each decision that I made, in an effort to carry out my parents wishes. I learned many lessons over the course of this whole ordeal, but, the main one is maintaining my strength during a tough situation. It's truly a testament to your faith and the result of your character! As I went through and supported my parents, especially, my mother through her recovery, there were five steps that I found, to help me maintain my strength. I thought that it would be helpful to share with you. Maybe you’re going through a tough time right now, and you need a little encouragement and guidance. The key to successfully getting through, is to never allow it get you down. Stay positive and you will power through.

Check out "Mai", 5 Steps to Maintaining your strength in a time of Adversity:

1. Clear Your Mind. Find your mental clarity through your connection to a higher power. In other words, prayer and/or meditation is a way in which you connect to a higher spiritual source, and doing so will help you to find your mental strength. You will also be able to think clearly so that you can make sound decisions.

2. Surround yourself with positive energy, and the people whom love and support you. You need to have a solid support system. Whether it’s having dinner or meeting with family and/or friends to socialize. You need a moment to separate yourself from the tough situation at hand, and decompress, cry, if needed. The point is to “talk it out” with family and/or friends, and open up. Their positive energy will give you the emotional support that is needed to help you to power through!

3. Eat well and maintain healthy eating habits. The foods we injest have a significant impact on our mental health, and ability to deal with a tough situation, in addition, to affecting our physical strength. It is easy to go for "junk food" when you're dealing adversity because, it's comforting. Eating and maintaining healthy eating habits will give you the positive energy to remain focused, give you mental clarity, and the physical strength to not let a stressful situation bring or bog you down.

4. Drink water. Water is the source of life. Staying hydrated flushes the impurities, and negative energy from your life. No further explanation needed.

5. Get active. Staying active and exercising will also, allow you the opportunity to decompress. Go for a walk, jog, run, take a dance class. The key is increase your heart rate through movement, and give yourself permission to have fun. This is the perfect therapy for anyone that is facing a difficult situation. Being active will put you in an elevated state of mind, and give you a relaxing physical release.

Do all five steps, in combination with one another, and you will experience a powerful revelation about the strength that is found within you. You can power through anything that is in front of you! My family needed me, and I was able to use these steps to be a source of strength for us all. I thank God for helping me to recognize this quality of my character, and my faith never wavered from my strength as a woman, and as a daughter of a strong woman, I knew it was always within me! I hope that this post inspires you, if you're going through adversity. Never give up, use these steps to power through and stay motivated!

Happy Monday Motivation! Have a wonderful day!

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Cooper B
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