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VOTE 2020! it counts DOGGONIT: "there is no room to point fingers...We all can do something!"

Greetings and Good Evening Everyone!

I hope that you all are doing well! Today's topic is something that's been on my mind for quite some time. I've been thinking about with the voting season upon us, and everyone has an opinion about "what should be done", and "whom shall be doing this work." One of the reasons why I enjoy listening to the various hosts of SiriusXM Urban View is that they challenge me to do the work. One of the things that Joe Madison always says is, "what are YOU going to do?" and "we all can do something." I realize that my way of fighting against oppression is to utilize the resources and tools available to me to eradicate it.

It was 4 weeks ago, that I cast my vote and dropped my ballet into an official Maryland dropbox. It was also the first time that I'd voted by mail / absentee. Due to #COVID19 and all of the shenanigans that has been occurring during this election cycle, I didn't want to take any chances with my vote not being counted. During any other time, I would've volunteered to help as a poll worker, but, we're not living under normal times. The fact that we have crazy lunatics willing to go so far as, running people off of the road for supporting the candidate that they oppose, just goes to show how serious today's political climate has become. It is truly dangerous our here! So some of the ways that I've been able to do what I can is supporting black and minority owned businesses. I've been contributing financially to the candidate that I feel that represents my views and will support my interests going forward. I've also done my homework because, voting requires me to be informed about the candidates on my ballot and the various issues that are up for a vote. I refuse to be a "one-issue" voter. I understand there's more than one issue that affects my life, and I've voted for the candidate that believe will address those issues. There's so much at stake in this particular election. It feels like each election cycle the stakes are a little higher, but this time we CANNOT afford to sit home! I've been voting since 2000. I turned 20 years old that year, and it was first time that I truly felt that I was "civically engaged." Since then, our democracy has become severely frayed, and it's so frustrating and disheartening to see so many people consciously follow our current president despite his flaws and lies.

When we vote, I honestly don't care (but I do) whom you vote for, I just hope that you vote. It is your right! It hurts me to see my people, black and brown people, vote against their own interest, or decide to not vote at all. We stand on the backs and shoulders of our ancestors, and it pisses me off when I hear folks say, "my vote doesn't matter." It's such a cliche now, but it is so true, the powers that be would not work so hard to suppress your vote, if it were not important! Each year, we as a people do not consistently cast our votes in local, state, and national elections, and as a result, they chip away at our voting rights. My thoughts about the "my vote doesn't count comment" is that, when you don't vote this cycle, don't worry about your vote in the future because, they are single-handedly working to take your vote from you. There will be a day when you want to vote and you will not be able to. I have a friend that spoke with days ago, and she expressed her concern in her community with the way many people were disenchanted with voting. Conscientious stupidity and severe ignorance has truly affected our country in a negative way. There is no excuse for not voting! There is also more information available in the palms of our hands than ever before, so there is also to sense in conscientious stupidity and/or severe ignorance having a place in our democracy. You can do research to become an informed voter. It is your responsibility to be the change you want to see. IF there aren't any candidates speaking to the needs of your community, then you become the voice of your community. We have to stop expecting others to step up on our behalf, and then become upset when we don't exercise our vote, and those who do elect someone that doesn't speak to our needs and interests. Support the people on the ground doing the work, and get involved. You cannot sit on the sidelines and "Monday Morning Quarterback" when there's been plenty of folks on the ground doing the work. Unfortunately, they cannot do this work alone. They need our assistance and support, but you have to do the work! Every American should exercise their God-given right, to cast their vote, and they should also be well-informed, as well. I think that if we were truly "our brother's keeper" and were truly looking out for each other, then there is no way half nonsense that we've endured over the last 3 years would have even remotely occurred.

Ok, as I close, I'm getting down off of my "soapbox" now, but I hope that you vote your conscience. Vote for what is right. Vote beyond your interests, and think about the people that may be affected by your vote! If you believe that the current administration has done well, then, "I'll be praying for you." If this man receives a second term, trust me, the life we've all known will be no more, also, screw socialism, you'll be living under a dictatorship. We are on the brink of self-destruction. So do not hesitate, if you're planning on voting tomorrow, go get it done! If you're on the fence, get your ass in gear and go vote! Good luck! Don't walk, run to the polls! Every vote counts and YES DOGGONIT, we need you! HAPPY VOTING!

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