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"The golden rule" it dead?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Greetings, Good Monday Morning All,

I hope that your day is off to an awesome start! This morning I'm feeling great. I'm coming off of a pretty full weekend of work and celebrating my husband's 38th birthday. Happy Birthday, babe! It was also another scorcher of a weekend.

Today, I wanted to briefly talk about, "The Golden Rule", an idea of the way we conduct ourselves, is something that I feel is lost in today's world. The concept of The Golden Rule comes from the Bible, Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31, and it's something that many folks were taught and/or learned about as they were growing up. As I grow older, I'm more aware of how we treat each other as human-beings. In today's social climate everything is so tense, I feel our moral and ethical compasses are out of whack. People are blatantly disrespectful and unkind to one another, in large part due to political and cultural differences. This is not an excuse, in fact, it is quite disturbing with all the progress we made over the years it seems, these difference have caused us to digress even more in recently years.

Those that know me, know, that I love to help people. Many of the jobs that I've had in my life, has had some element of interaction with the public. Whether working I as a Nurse Technician II at Moses Cone while a Senior High School Student, to Senior Budget Analyst and Supplier Diversity at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Massachusetts last year, or in between, as Certified Pharmacy Technician at CVS, InfoNXX as a Customer Service Representative for directory assistance, and Regulatory Compliance Technician with Sealy, Inc.; I've always been a believer of offering excellent customer service when I've worked in those roles. These roles were both internal and external facing customers, and either internal or external facing customers. Again, in each of those roles, I always treated those "customers" with the respect and a level assistance that I would expect to receive.

Recently, I had someone tell me that I was "too nice" for going out of my way to help someone. I was confused. How can one be "too nice"? Needless to say I looked at this person "cross". If someone politely asks me for my help, why am I considered too nice for doing what they asked? I would want that same level of treatment in return, if I were asking for their help. I've noticed that the idea of "customer service" or just being plain helpful is no longer the norm in many industries, and areas of life. We've got to get back to treating people the way we want to be treated. It should be done without the expectation that you will receive the same amount of treatment. Always do the right thing, and be pleasant and kind in treating others well. One thing I do know is at our core, we are pure energy and with that said, the energy you send out is the same energy that you will receive.

Remember, we may not know what someone is going through, but your kindness may change the trajectory of their day and/or fate. Someone may have a different point of view on you as a person based on how you treat them. My mom used to always tell me, "Myra, it pays to be kind to people." She was right, it does. My message today, is for us to get back to the Golden Rule. Let's get back to treating others the way we want to be treated, so that we get goodness back in return. This world would be so much better, if we could get back to the fundamental basics of conducting ourselves ethically and looking out for each other.

Peace and have a blessed and wonderful #MondayMotivation!

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