M.A.I. Writing Corner: Top 8 Must-Have Items For A Romance Writer

Greetings and Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I hope that you're off to an amazing start this morning. Today, I thought that it would be fun for me to discuss a few of the "must-have" items for a romance writer. All of the items listed, are my must-haves. So, I hope that you enjoy! Without delay let's jump right in.

As a writer✍🏾, and most specifically, a hopeless romantic💖 who happens to write romance novels📖, I have a few items in my "writers chest" that I simply must have. If you're a writer, then maybe you'll agree. At my core, I am a stationary and "office supplies" junkie, so this list speaks to everything that I love. There are times when I honestly do not need supplies, but I order them because, I love to have "options". I hope that you can dig the items on this list, and maybe pick them up for yourself.😉 So without further delay, let's dive right in!

1. Planner

For any professional, but particularly as a writer, your planner is your life line. So you need to have a planner that is comprehensive, and allows you to track and document your writing. I love to write in my planner my writing times, words written, and document my day. I typically keep many of my planners, it's like a journal of my life. I sometimes go back and look at them because, they chronicled my day, and it brings back memories when I flip through them. Overall, the planner should serve as your guide for staying focused, and keeping you on track for meeting your writing goals.

2. Notebook

I'm sure most writers will agree that our notebooks are like our "Holy Bible". For me, it is where I mind map my chapters, develop my characters, and construct my stories. I always have multiple notebooks lying around so that I can take notes. I really like notebooks with positive messages on them because, they are a reflection of the positive energy that I like to have surrounding me. I also manage my writing plan in my notebook.

3. Ink Pens

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm an ink pen junkie! I love a great ink pen. Of course, like most writers, I have my favorite every day ink pens. My "go to" everyday ink pens are Pilot Ink Gel Pens because, I like to color code my tasks and important dates in my notebook and calendar, respectively. However, I think every great writer, especially, romance writers should have a "statement ink pen". A "statement ink pen" is not an everyday pen, but it is a writing tool that you may use to sign important documents and or write love notes on beautiful stationary. My statement ink pen is my Levenger ink pen. I love Levenger ink pens and stationary. I remember when I purchased this ink pen. It was an investment for me because, this ink pen although it is one of Levenger's low price point ink pens; it still cost me $50+ but it was worth the investment. So, make sure that you have a quality ink pen that showcases your signature and your words to the world.

4. Computer

Of course, every great writer needs a computer; not just any computer, but a great computer! I decided when I was going to pursue writing full-time that I would purchase a great computer. Now, I know that there will be some "hemming and hawing" on this one, but I'm an "Apple" person. I have all Apple devices. My husband isn't so, I know you can imagine the debates in my household, LOL! With that said, my investment was in a Apple MacBook Air! It was the best investment that I could've made. I'm super happy with this purchase.

5. Scapple

I fell in love with this program while I was working on my second book! This program is amazing. I like to mind map my stories, and I drew a lot of the key details of my first book by hand. When I began working on my second book, this program made mind mapping so much easier. I highly recommend this program, if you're a "visual" person and you'd like to have your mind mapping completed on your computer rather than on paper.

6. Scrivener

I began using this program as I wrote my second book. It makes it easier to write and compile your work. It also allows you to format your work and compile it all in various file formats. I love using this software, and I highly recommend this tool for other writers.

7. Candle

Just 614 & DéJa Vu Skin are two of my favorite brands!

I love candles in general, but right now, I'm truly in love with "Pink Champagne" massage candle and the new luxe candles by Déja Vu Skin</