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M.A.I. Monday Motivation: You are full of powerful energy

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Greetings and Good Morning Everyone! Happy Monday! We are back following the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I hope that it was a wonderful time had by all! I myself had a beautifully blessed Thanksgiving. My husband and I, along with our children, hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at our home for the first time ever for our family! So, this was a big deal for us this year, and everything was spectacular! I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and the fact that everyone left super happy! Now as we head into the throws of the Christmas Season, I want to make sure that we remember a few things that will keep us motivated, inspired and operating at high vibrational levels! If you need a reminder of the powerful energy that is within you, then this post is for you. Remember with every post, the goal is to. So without delay let's jump into this week's message!

Raising Your Vibrational Energy by Changing Your Mindset

This week, I wanted to start with a scripture from Isaiah 26:3 which states, "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." It is important to ground yourself in positive energy, by connecting to a higher source. It can be whatever speaks to you individually. By definition, "A vibration is a state of being, the atmosphere, or the energetic quality of a person, place, thought, or thing." According to Albert Einstein, "Everything in life is vibration." With that said, understanding and living with positive energy begins with our mindset. On daily basis, we constantly hear and witness people speak a lot about energy, vibrations, and etc, but most people fall short of truly changing their mindsets to impact how they bring their best energy into a room or situation. This scripture is telling us where to that peace of mind begins and where we should place our trust. In doing so, you can begin to acquire the peace of mind needed to allow for positive thoughts to come into your life. There is a wonderful quote by Abraham Hicks that states, “As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract." Remember that.

You Are Full of Powerful Vibrations

I want to affirm in your life right now that "you are full of powerful vibrations!" You can and will walk into a room and give off the positive energy that you will receive. Start by being mindful that when you vibrate at higher levels you will automatically feel a sense of light, happiness, and at ease. Thinking positively is the first step in achieving this level of positive vibes. This is very important. Eat high vibrational foods such as, fruits and vegetables, and put aside low vibrational foods such as, meats and fried foods. Meditate and practice breathing deeply and mindfulness, and start taking walks during the day. Discover your purpose and have a sense of gratitude for all that you have. Another way, is to be generous, loving, and kind; shift your vibrational levels by attuning your heart to love and being kind. There are so many ways to improve your vibration. However, the point that I'm trying to make here is that you are full of powerful vibrations! It is already within you. You have to believe it, embrace it, and align with it!

Excuse Me, but What's Your Vibration?

Now, that we've touched on some pretty important concepts, how will you proceed with raising your vibrational levels? It's apparent that everyone's approach will be different however, I think there are a few points that I would like for you to takeaways:

  1. Connect with a Higher Source and think positively.

  2. Eat High Vibrational Foods.

  3. Meditate and Breathe Deeply.

  4. Practice Mindfulness.

  5. Get some fresh air and take daily walks.

  6. Discover your purpose and have a sense of gratitude.

  7. Love someone or something.

  8. Maintain a Generous and Kind Spirit.

Which brings me to...

Your Turn

If you have any tips for positive energy and raising our vibrational levels, I’d love for you to share them in the comments below...And if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear those too! Thank you again for reading and see you next week!

Charmyra E. Fleming is a romance author with a deep desire to M.OTIVATE | A.SPIRE | I.NSPIRE, her readers and beyond to live their lives with purpose, intention, and full of passion. Thank you for reading her blog post this morning. Hey, do her a favor, if you like or love this post, comment on it. She'd love to hear your feedback. Also, please feel free to share it with your family and friends in the social media universe. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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