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M.A.I. Monday Motivation: “Don’t Fret Your Path has Already Been Set”

Greetings and Good Morning Everyone! Happy Monday! I everyone had an amazing weekend, and now you’re ready for a fabulous week ahead. I had a very productive weekend and therefore I’m definitely ready to knock out this week! I'm going to get a little more spiritual today, and I hope that you appreciate the discussion. So, let’s not waste anymore time; let’s dive into this week’s message!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

~Jeremiah 29:11

Have you ever thought about God’s plan for you? It’s quite grand don’t you think? It can be a bit overwhelming to imagine all of the things that he’s planned for you, right? I know that I have pondered that question for my own life, at various points and stages in my life. Most of us for the majority of our lives, we’re out here just living, trying to figure out our bigger purpose. Trying to figure out, “What’s the big picture?” But, what if, we’re lucky enough to actually be able to figure out what that purpose is, and live in dedication to fulfilling it. But, then, on the flip side, what if you never discover it, or what if it takes you a lifetime to get it, where does that leave you? Sometimes, it can make you feel empty. Well, today's scripture reminds us that whether we know our purpose or not, or fulfill it for that matter; God has a plan for each of us. If we are brave enough to just live with the faith of a mustard seed in knowing that we don’t need to know everything, but that our life’s path is already set. Now, we may be given choices to make decisions along the way, but those choices are provided to guide us to our ultimate “destination.” The lives we live has already been given a purpose with the gift to just live. He tells us, His plans are not meant to harm us, but to “prosper us”, and to give us “hope and a future.” As I write this, I’m thinking maybe we have two purposes to serve in life. One is task oriented, such as, your gifts and talents, and maybe it’s ok, if you never learn or use what they are. Your task oriented purpose is meant to be given back to the world and shared with others. Your second purpose is to live with faith in your heart for God’s plan over your life, knowing that he has you covered every step of the way. Knowing that his plan will prosper you, should give you hope for a future and will never harm you. If any harm comes to you, you should immediately recognize that was never part of God’s plan for you. It should tell you that you’re misaligned with God’s true plan for your life. That’s a powerful message! I’m even more comforted in knowing God has my back, always, and you should too.

As I close, I wanted to share that I watched a really great documentary from 2005 called, How to Eat Watermelon in Front of White Company (and Enjoy It). It chronicled the life and now legacy of Melvin Van Peeples (he transitioned on September 21, 2021). Over the years, I’ve always heard that he was phenomenal visionary and driven, but seeing this film made me realize how much of a powerhouse he really was. A giant with many talents. The level of his advocacy and work opened many doors for African-Americans, and his influence and impact runs very deeply within our culture. He wasn't confined to one area or one thing in life. He had many interests and he "entertained" them all. I love that nothing was an excuse or a barrier to his success, although he was met with many obstacles. Those obstructions did not stop him! As I watched the film, the scripture above circulated in my thoughts. This man, had many gifts and talents, and his “task oriented” purpose was to “inform the masses” through whatever means or medium necessary. He graduated with a B.A. in literature from Ohio Wesleyan University. One of the first things he did after serving in the Air Force, was write a book, when he was fired from his job as a trolley operator, he decided to move to France, and he learned to French to communicate with his audience. He was also an artist, and he became a writer and ultimately a filmmaker and composer. Throughout this movie, I never saw him resisting to what life presented to him, he adjusted, pivoted, and adapted to his surroundings. He was a student and always learning to be able take what he didn’t know, and learn it, before you knew it, it was something he was fluent in. He had the ability to flip a situation to his advantage. He was a master at it. His path was already set. He was obedient to it. He lived and breathed his both of his purposes. Through his life, I could tell that he was the living embodiment of this scripture. I needed to see it at work, and somehow I found this documentary. Melvin Van Peeples had a number of parallels in his life, where I could glean lessons for my own life. He was a writer, a filmmaker, even a Wall Street trader (I dabble in stocks and options trading, as well😉). I say all of this to say, we have to just live in alignment with God’s plan. He will show us the way, if we’re quiet enough to listen, and brave enough follow his plan.

Have a beautiful day and Be blessed!


Charmyra E. Fleming is a romance author with a deep desire to M.OTIVATE | A.SPIRE | I.NSPIRE, her readers and beyond to live their lives with purpose, intention, and full of passion. Thank you for reading her blog post this morning. Hey, do her a favor, if you like or love this post, comment on it. She'd love to hear your feedback. Also, please feel free to share it with your family and friends in the social media universe. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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