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Greetings & Good Monday Morning Everyone!

With the holidays quickly approaching this week, I’ve barely had the opportunity to really focus on it due to my focus being directed on the baby's arrival. During this time I've learned many things, but 3 of them I would like to highlight and share with you.

This past weekend has been a reflective one for me. If you know me, or getting to know me, you will come to learn, I can be introspective at times, and very reflective most of the time. Many times, I reminisce-reflect on days gone by. It keeps me grounded by thinking in this way. With that said, over the weekend, I've been reflecting on my pregnancy this year, and really taking in these final moments before I welcome the arrival of my newborn son. As people, when we reflect, there are always some lessons to be learned. Today, I would like to share some of mine with you today. So, without further delay let's dive into today's message.

There Are Moments & Gifts We Will Never Experience Again

This weekend, I think that it finally hit me that as a" woman of a certain age" , I will never give birth again. As a women we are keenly aware of our “biological clocks”, particularly after a certain age, but rarely do we discuss when we finally do, "phase out" of the range of motherhood. It’s a big deal. Just like having your first menstrual cycle, symbolizes your transition into womanhood, there is a period between menopause and the last years of a woman being able to bring life into the world that’s just as important. It symbolizes your next phase of life that you’ll lead and live until death. To bring a life into this world is the greatest gift a woman can give, and there are some that are not so fortunate to have this opportunity. However, those who are blessed to do so, are given a finite amount of time to do it. For me, this weekend I realized this is indeed my last time. Whether, I want it to be or not b/c, I'm gradually phasing out of my motherhood range. It feels like I’ve been given this magical period of time, and my magic is slowly fading away. So, I wanted to embrace these last few moments. The message here is that we all have a limited amount of time, to get things done. Whatever yours, the things that you need to get done, don't squander your time thinking you have an infinite amount of time to do it, but quite honestly you don't; and some of us have a shorter amount of time than others. So, use your time productively and wisely. You will never get this time in your life again once it is gone.

Goals Can Still Be Accomplished During Major Life Changes

When we go through life and experience major life changes, such as, have a baby, or get married; some will use that change as a way to put their lives and goals on hold. My advice, is to do as I did during my pregnancy, let it fuel you. Let it drive you to get "all of the things" done. Having my second child was a welcomed blessing, and I used that energy to help me crush my 2021 goals. I'm happy to report that I've crushed all of my 2021 goals, and then some. So, don't allow yourself to push aside the things that you want to do because your life changes. Still push forward to get things done... remember time waits for no one. No Excuses, not even major life event!

Integrity is Everything... Never leave others Hanging!

My word is my bond. It means alot to me that people can trust what I say. When I was preparing for my maternity leave, there were so many people counting on me to give them the information and resources needed to keep things running in my absence. It is easy to let people down, especially when you have no integrity, and people can't trust your word is your bond. It's important for people to be able to trust and count on you. I take that very seriously. Some people will walk away, and let someone else pick up the slack when their time is up. Not me, I work until the last minute, second, if I have to, and I make sure that the team I work with knows that I will leave them with full support. Also, just walking away is is crappy, and leaving others hanging is not only mean but a reflection of how you handle your affairs, or lack thereof. It's embarrassing, and poor taste. So, protect your integrity.

In closing, I hope this message resonates w/ you. I couldn't help but think about this as I reflected over the weekend. So, as you go through life remember, there are certain gifts and key moments that you cannot get back. There are experiences that you'll never have again, so embrace them wholeheartedly and don't squander the time you have experience them. Secondlly, you can accomplish your goals even during a majorlife altering event. Maybe even more so. Because, when you're forced to keep striving to hit you goals in the midst of dealing with other important issues and situations, plus having your focus going elsewhere it proves your dedication to becoming a better version of yourself. Remember YOU CAN still do it all! Finally, don't forget that your word is your bond, and that means your integrity is part of your character. It means everything, and it allows others to trust what you say. So, reassure others that they can, by being a person with strong integrity. Well, there you have it my 3 reflective life lessons to remember while navigating through major life event. Happy Monday, Everyone! The next time I write, I'll have a bundle of love in my arms! Happy Holidays, Peace, & Blessings!

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