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M.A.I. Book Cover Reveal: Perfect Chemistry

Today, is very special because, I’m super excited to officially reveal the book cover for my third book in the The Purple Charm Series, this book is called, Perfect Chemisty.

Perfect Chemistry is a compelling story exploding with chemistry to cause your emotional and romantic sensors to react. I believe this cover also captures the emotional and romantic depth of the main character as she deals with all of the challenges and changes in this story. I have to show Book Covers by Design some love because, I truly love the final visual for this amazing cover!

Perfect Chemistry is a tale of a beautiful scientist and her scientific brilliance is the nucleus of her introverted mind and physicality; though she's been in a "situationship" for some time with her longtime beau; now she is looking for more from a relationship. It's what she eventually finds in someone else that she becomes the kryptonite to his sanity her passion steals his heart.

Cu + O2 yields “she” and in a stark white testing lab is where you’d find a 5’7” brown beauty. Cool with cocoa brown skin, hair like your next of kin, and logically this is where this romantic journey begins. At one point in her life, Dr. Zora St. James always knew the elements of her chemical equation with Dr. Stokely Allen had the potential for the hottest reaction. That was until he, Dr. Langston Mitchell steps on the scene.

Soon Zora realizes her relationship with Stokely isn’t enough. Her heart wanted more, and as fate would have it, she meets an angel investor, Dr. Langston Mitchell, and her life’s trajectory changes. This equation yields a chemical reaction exploding with romance of epic proportions!

If you love realistic and complex characters with compelling stories that will leave you breathless and longing for more. Stories that are emotionally gripping with satisfying steamy love scenes that you’ll fall in love with, then you’ll definitely want to pick up Charmyra E. Fleming’s sexy page turner now!

Perfect Chemistry is projected to be released in Winter 2022.

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