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Looking to the heavens for m.a.i. Inspiration: remembering Kobe Bryant & Zora Neale hurston

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Greetings, Good #MAIMonday morning folks,

First and foremost, I would like to ask you all for forgiveness. Forgiveness for not being able to post last Monday, but before I get started despite the tragic news, I must say, “last weekend was amazing!“ I graduated with my second MUA certificate from, Glow Makeup Prep School in Baltimore, MD. My best friend was also a presenter, nominee, and honoree for the UC Star Awards, one of the biggest awards weekends within the line dance community. I had a wonderful weekend because, of these two celebrations. I was also happy because, I'd gained a little bit of inspiration following re-reading, "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston which, I will discuss in the second half of this post.. However, I missed last week because, I needed a moment. The weekend was ending on a high note, and I was planning to talk celebrating your wins and surrounding yourself with friends that allows you to "lever up", and then I found out about Kobe Bryant's (in addition to the eight other passengers on the helicopter) unfortunate, unexpected passing. My heart was broken, it "took the wind out of my sails". I've not been a big basketball fan in years, but I did love Kobe Bryant as a player. After his passing, I needed time to regroup, time to tell the people that I love, "I love you." So forgive me, and I hope that you took the time to tell those you love, motivate, and inspire you each and every day, how much they mean to you as well.

Remembering the Legendary Kobe Bryant

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Learning the details of the tragedy surrounding a Kobe Bryant hurts. It immediately took me back to when I found out, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Nipsey Hussle and Prince died, respectively, and so many other well-known people that I loved and admired unexpectedly left this world. I remember having the biggest crush on Kobe in high school, and when he took R&B singer, Brandy Norwood to her senior prom. His death hits home for me because, I'm nearly 40, I have a child, and never would I want anyone to pass the way in which they did. He was in my age group. Albeit young, he was a legend of my lifetime. This is such a sad moment. It's so final. This tragedy reminded me that life is so short, so fragile, and that we must do all that we intend to with the amount of time that we have. I want to give the people that I love "their flowers" while I am here and they are here. I'm finding motivation and inspiration to be even more impactful through Kobe's legacy. Going forward,I choose to remember him in a positive light, he was not perfect, and I'm not responsible for his imperfections. I'm not even privy to judge his life. I'm sure he had to answer for those times he fell short of God's grace, we all will, but for the times he rose to greatness, I will use it as a guide for me to do the same. How do you say goodbye to someone with so much discipline, physical dedication, and that ultimately changed the game? How do you live up to someone that gave so much to the game of basketball, to his family and community, and was quietly doing a lot of good behind the scenes? It’s difficult to and I’m not sure that we can, but I can pray for his family and those that love him.

It is in death that we find out how much people, like him, did to give back under the radar. He was such a giant, and such an amazing life and spirit gone entirely too soon! Rest in Power, Kobe Bryant.

Lessons from "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

This week, I want to also remember another legend, Zora Neale Hurston. She is one of the reasons why I'm a writer (in addition to my paternal Grandmother). Plus, I love the Harlem Renaissance era, it was the theme of my wedding. I named the main character of my third romance novel, "Perfect Chemistry" after her. The glorious beauty in her writing motivates me so much. I hope one day that I can speak through writing as eloquently as she. Recently, I decided to re-read "Their Eyes Were Watching God". I'd forgotten how wonderfully poetic at times this book was written. I thought about how at times, women can be so strong and vulnerable at the same time, and how God shows up in the most interesting moments in our lives. I felt so sorry for Janie because, she was constantly told how to live her life. First, her Grandmother and then her husbands, it wasn't until the death of her second husband, Jody Starks, that she became "free". As he was dying in front of her, it seemed as if, she took back her power, and she wanted him to feel what he put her through all of those years during their marriage. She didn't feel any guilt for his passing. After his death, she seemed to be liberated to live the life that she always wanted, and love in the way she'd imagined. It was then she met "Tea Cake". I thought about, how many times have we, as women, done things to please or at the request of someone else? How long have we suppressed our desires to do what we want to do in life because, someone else said that we couldn't or it couldn't be done? I think Janie, found her voice at times. She tried to speak for herself, but often times she ended up backing down and going along to get along. While talking to her friend Phoebe, she finally stood up to Phoebe by dispelling Phoebe's suggestion to leave Tea Cake alone, and find someone else to date that was well off that could take care of her. Something she didn't do before. I finished this book feeling so inspired and motivated to keep living my life on my own terms, and never letting anyone silence my voice.

The message of this Kobe's untimely passing and this book for me, and I want to pass long to you, is to never live your life on someone else's terms. Life is fragile, short, and time is fleeting. Once it is over, it's final, you don't get a second chance, there is no coming back. Do not waste time in unhappy, unhealthy relationships. Do what you love, give God the glory and praise, and celebrate life and living every day because, one day it will be your last. Build a life that you want to live, so when you’re gone people will celebrate your legacy for the way you’ve lived your life, and when you look back, feel nothing but happiness, and no regrets.

Peace, Blessings and Happy #MondayMotivation!

Thank you for reading my blog this morning. Hey, do me a favor, if you like or love this post, comment on it. I’d love to hear your feedback. Also, please feel free to share it with your family and friends in the social media universe. I greatly appreciate the support.

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