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"Little People, Big world = Big Love"

Hey Everyone,

I hope all is well and everyone is staying healthy and safe! I believe love is alive and well, and I wanted to take a few moments to talk about a recent episode of "Little People, Big World" that had me in balling my eyes out in tears. I've been a huge fan of the TLC television show, "Little People, Big World" since it's inception. I have watched faithfully for years! I've loved this family grow over the years, and all of the ups and downs, trials and tribulations that they've shared with the world. If I could do anything, I would to thank them all for being so open and honest about their lives, and for having the courage to share their lives with the world. So this week, I wanted not only talk about this great family show but also talk about, "the second act", finding love after divorce. Without further delay, let's dive in!

The Roloffs Keeps Me Motivated to Watch

It's something about the Roloffs that's always made me root for them. I mean, let's face it they always took the best family trips, Matt has a "child-like" quality about him that made the farm a place that even I wanted grow up on, and they always seemed very close as a family unit. Honestly, what's better than that? But, I keep watching because the entire family continues to motivate me to live freely, to take risks, to support my family and to let love always be my foundation and guiding force. For instance, watching over the years, Matt has inspired me to be fearless and to take risks in business as an entrepreneur. It has been amazing to see how he's commanded a place for his voice, and other little people at the table. I understand what it's like to be looked as being different and not be taken seriously, and I look at him and he has not let that hold him back, so why should I, and I haven't. On the flip side, I love Amy's fire! She's probably the sole reason why I continue to watch the show because, I love her resilience. I've always enjoyed how she took care of her family, and love her children. She's the type of mother that I aspire to be because, she was loving, supportive and kind to her kids, but she didn't caudle them. She was also encouraging, and they know if they need her she's always there to catch them if they fall. I love that about her. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I was hoping like crazy that she and Matt would work things out in their marriage. However, eventually it became apparent that the dynamic between them was intensifying, and my fear was that it would become toxic. So, I'm glad that they ended things, and still working to keep things cordial between them. I can tell it's a struggle for them, but I applaud them for being a good example of making it work after divorce. I think if a relationship is unable to work out, the best thing for both parties is if they can part on good terms. I think that it's a mature way of handling a break up between two people.

The "After Matt" of Love

First and foremost, Amy is like "the friend in my head" (as Talk Show Host, Wendy Williams so affectionately says), so I'm always tuned into what's going on with her. Now, when Amy, dealt with the hardships of her divorce from Matt, I was heartbroken for her because, I knew how much she tried to make it work. I hurt because, as a viewer, it was difficult to see her piece her life together without her family as the center of her life. At the time of the divorce, she was experiencing an "empty nest" too, and all of her kids had moved on, and I know that it was painful for her. It still pains me to see and hear on screen how Matt and Amy both refer to each other, I know that there is a lot of pain between them over how things ended. With that said, I'm #TeamAmy all day! Every episode that they showed of her trying to navigate her "new" life since the divorce, I've connected to and rooted for her. I love her exploring and trying new things that she'd not tried before, such as, getting a tattoo. Sidebar, to be quite candid, I always feel super protective or suspicious of the Roloffs' "love interests" because, I know the Roloffs are celebs in their own right. So trust me, it took me a while to feel like ok, Tori is good for Zack and Audrey is good for Jeremy, and Chris is good for Amy but it's cool. The jury is still out for Matt and Caren. I'm just saying, LOL! The twins Jeremy and Zack, are happy and they're raising beautiful happy families, and that's awesome to see. However, as Chris and Amy began to date I fell in love with their budding romance! With that said, I know that there are times when things don't always work out as planned, but life isn't always a straight path. Sometimes we have to pivot, and this show always reminds me of that.

"M.A.I." Love for Amy Roloff Finding "Big Love"

So, I decided to write this post because of Amy. I believe so much in "second act" love stories. I literally just finished watching this week's episode, "A Proposal" where Amy's boyfriend, Chris, proposes marriage to her on their three year anniversary. I want you to know, how happy and excited I was for her to find love again. I legit broke down crying for her happiness. I remember their date and he took her riding on his motorcycle, I remember their camping trip in the RV, and I just know that he's been a gentleman to her. It's been exciting as a viewer and fan of this show to watch her love story with Chris unfold. To see them both cry and express their feelings openly for each other was touching to be me. Amy's a tough woman and resilient, so it was so beautiful to see this man soften her. Chris is so complimentary to her. I know from watching the show, Amy can sometimes have a pessimistic view of various aspects of life. I don't hold that against her because, I think she recalls times when she's been let down and assume that the outcome will be the same. So she's uses pessimism as a coping mechanism to protect herself from being hurt and/or let down by a situation if it doesn't the way she truly wants. With that said, on several occasions when she's made pessimistic comments Chris has countered it with optimism and positivity. I love that about him. He made such a great comment once about knowing that Amy is sometimes pessimistic about things, but he tries to be the positive one between them and tries to be supportive for her. I've enjoyed seeing her become vulnerable to loving him. She's experienced so much, and I can tell that it's been a good journey for her and Chris. Whoohoo for them! Also, I think she's even opened him in various ways too. I mean - she closed on her first home on her own and she's now in engaged. That's pretty awesome and definitely an EXCELLENT SECOND ACT!

In closing, I'm just so excited Amy Roloff and Chris Marek. I am just enamored with watching their romance and love grow. I wish them well. I know that love is real and that just because, a relationship or marriage doesn't work out; it doesn't mean that you cannot find love again. Love is always around. We must keep our hearts and minds open to experience it!

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