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In life you have to,"just leap!"

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Greetings and Good Monday Morning!

This morning, I will not take too much of your time. I wanted to share with you my experience from this weekend and a comment that "hit home" for me. On Sunday, March 24, 2019, I attended a fabulous "Drag Makeup Masterclass" at The Academy of Makeup in Cockeysville, MD, where I was able to witness a live demonstration of how to create the makeup application that is used by female impersonators; as taught by Celebrity Makeup Artist, Frederick Sanders. With 15 years under his belt in the makeup industry, he showed the class the fundamentals of makeup illusion used in this way, and how to create a bold and fabulous, "Pageant Look". Along with the rest of the class, I was blown away by his work to say the least, and to see him take a person's face as a clean canvas, and turn the person into someone that was completely unrecognizable when he was done, was simply amazing to me! To see the transformation happen before my eyes, I mean my mouth was on the floor!

One of the key take-aways from Fred as he initially spoke about his background, is how he started out in the makeup industry. I always listen closely with people talk about their journey because, you never know what you can glean from their experiences. He talked about in 2004, how he was a completely different career trajectory. He was a professional with a career as a teacher, and was on his way to becoming a lawyer, but, he said although his life was great he wasn't fulfilled. He stated that yes, he had a great job where he was home by 3:30 PM, and he was off on weekends and summers but he wasn't happy. He said one day, he walked by a MAC Counter and he realized that the workers were having fun, and they were enjoying what they were doing. He said, he told himself, "I want to do that!". He has a wonderful smile, demeanor and positive vibe and personality! So, one could tell, he's a people person and would be perfect for this role! Long story short, he said, "it also has to do with your faith, as well." When he went in for his interview at MAC, and just before he went in he said he prayed, and he asked, "God, now listen, if this is not for me; I need you to let me know, and if this isn't for me I'll go back to what I was doing." He was hired on the spot at MAC! With his story, he left us with an overarching message for living a life that is fulfilled and doing what you love, "just leap, just leap, just leap! Don't worry about the fall! Just leap!"

Sometimes the spirit shows up and gives us confirmation of what we're supposed to be doing in the most uncanny ways. I was meant to hear his story yesterday. Our lives and journey is not "monolithic", and I'm starting to find and believe that it is okay to do and be immersed in more than one thing! Hence, it has been a year since I started Creative Calfuray, LLC. Yay! The vision for my company has always been to speak to my creativity and to M.otivate, A.spire, I.nspire someone along the way. Aside from writing, you will begin to see me stretch my "tentacles" into other areas that embraces and projects my creativity in a number of way which includes, my merchandise of course, and I will soon start advertising on my website about my graphic design and makeup application service offerings. There will be more items to come, but stay tuned! I'm super excited where my life is going!

We can do all things if we can just believe in ourselves! Once you believe, the next step is to "just leap!" Have a beautiful day and I hope that this message #motivates and #inspires you to "JUST LEAP!"

Check out a few photos from the event!

Peace, Blessings and Happy #MondayMotivation!

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