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"If I woke up, I'm not done!"

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Greetings, Good Afternoon Everyone!

We're about halfway through this week, it's hump day Wednesday, and I wanted to drop in and just reflect on my past week. This time last week, I was literally on the road and driving across country with my best friend. We were about to arrive in San Antonio, Texas finishing up on the "first leg" of our road trip. As I reflect, I think it's important that we experience everything that life has to offer. "If I woke up, I'm not done!" (Kelly Rowland) It's never too late to set out on a journey such as this. Support your loved ones, encourage your friends, and open your eyes to the possibilities. So many times, I've listened to family members and friends use various reasons and excuses as to why they were unable to do something, especially the things they've always dreamed of doing. If there is one thing that I've learned through this experience, it is that anything is possible. I also learned that the southern (below North Carolina where I'm originally from) and southwestern parts of this country is incredibly beautiful. The people are so friendly, and the more of this country I travel and see, the more I see each region for it's charm and beauty. There is no where that I've been that doesn't feel like a place that I can call home. If you're open to it, any where we go can be home. It was hot as the dickens out in the west, but there was so much to love about being out there.

As my friend and I wrapped up our travels, on Saturday, August 11, 2019 we attended #BeautyCon in Los Angeles, CA. This convention was a worthwhile experience for me as a new Makeup Artist. I've never seen anything like this firsthand. It was beauty sensory overload, and now I know what ComicCon has to be like. However, once we settled down and walked around a few times, I was able to take it all in and appreciate it; for what it was for my career as an makeup artist in this field and I felt so fortunate.

During the convention, there was a discussion on the main stage between "Charlemagne The God" and Kelly Rowland. It was a great discussion about her new album and her journey as a woman, motherhood, loss, and the progression of her career. I was able to connect to her in a different way as she described her struggles in the industry being a "dark-skinned brown girl", and how she's been passed up for magazine covers and other work because of it. I know what it's like to be told "you're pretty for a dark-skinned girl", and so that portion of the discussion resonated with me. Although, that has happened in the past she said that she's proud of her dark-skin, to be considered a "chocolate girl", and that it's ok to say it if the context of which it is said has good intentions. She also spoke about motherhood, and I loved that part too because, I too, am a mother of a son. So I could relate to what it's like trying to instill the good in our children, and being open and honest with them by discussing how she considers secrets to be "toxic". Kelly Rowland is very likable, with a very calm and warm disposition and spirit. I truly enjoyed her as a guest speaker. Finally, she said she's "found her voice" in new album. Kelly had a lot of wonderful things that she stated during the discussion. But, there is a quote that stuck out to me when she talked about accomplishing all of the things that she wanted in life, and she said "if I woke up, I'm not done." She talked about having a vision board and creating a list of things to accomplish, and actually going after those things. Having these items has allowed her to put action behind the things she's already visualized for herself, and it is the reason why she's going to produce her first movie in the fall. I've spoken of the law of attraction, writing down your goals, and positively reviewing and affirming the things that you want for your life until they become reality. So her acknowledgement of doing these things in her life made me happy that I've been on the right track, and someone that respect as an artist does some of the same things as I do.

BeautyConLA Main Stage: Charlemagne Tha God & Kelly Rowland

As I close today, I want to reiterate, "if you woke up, you're not done." It is a great way to put life into perspective. We've loss so many lives in recent weeks. Just last week, there was the shooting in El Paso, Texas. So many people did not wake up this morning, will not wake up tomorrow, or did not wake up yesterday, and their time is done. If you're here and you're reading this, you have another opportunity to make your dreams come true, visualize your thoughts into reality, and take action and advantage of the time that you have left. We all know that tomorrow is not promised. So my question is, what are you going to do about it today?

Peace and have a blessed and wonderful #WisdomWednesday!

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