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Fire isn’t the Only Thing that Burns...So Do People! 3 Top Ways to Combat Dishonest People!

Greetings and Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I hope that you're all off to an amazing start! This morning, I’m motivated to write this post because, I’ve experienced a situation recently that truly bothered me. It kind of rocked my core, if you will. If you truly know me, you'll know and understand that, I’m loyal, and my integrity means everything to me. So, when someone that I trust in, hurts me, it cuts deep. With that said, a person that I’ve grown to trust and respect, “pulled the rug from under me.” Sure, there were times when we’d disagree, but I would always have my “proof” to call them out when they were not being truthful, in the wrong, or didn't remember a particular detail of our previous conversation(s). This time around, I had no proof, I was left holding the bag, and my “argument” fell short! Moreover, in their eyes because this narrative did not serve their interest, the conversation that we’d previously had was good as having never happened. This crushed me. I was emotional and didn’t know how to control my feelings! I was furious! Especially, with myself because, I let someone else get the upper hand over me. This will NEVER happen again! Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever completed a task, given someone documents, and/or shared important information and moved on with your life, only to find out when those things resurface that the person that you shared them with never “catalogued” or deemed, as equally as, important to them? Have you known so sure in your heart that you’d spoken to someone about something, but now they nonchalantly brush it off as it didn’t happen? Well, I want to share 3 of my top favorite ways to deal with the blatant dishonesty and “CYA” <You know what that means>! So, without further delay let’s dive into this week’s message!

Moral of the story...Always, “Cover Your A$&!”

It's more than a phrase, and truly an action. There are so many people today that are far less truthful nowadays, and with the behaviors of our current President serving as a model for a lot of these folks to be embolden to spread falsehoods and lies, this makes it difficult to tell whom we can trust. Some people will say and do, as much as possible to keep themselves from being caught in a lie, or will lie to cover themselves, as opposed to telling the truth. In order to deal with this you have to protect your integrity, and be honest. "Two wrongs don't make it right", and the person that is being untruthful will know if you're lying to cover yourself as well. Always be honest, it is the best method and remedy because, trust me with people like this around, the truth will always come to light.

  1. Be Honest and Always Document Everything

My Mom gave me this valuable advice years ago. Thanks, Momma! But, this advice definitely holds and has stood the test of time. Always be honest, and document everything. Always, document what you say and what you do. It may serve as your only evidence to save you from someone that is being dishonest. Also, you can always refer back to this information as a guide or a reference.

2. Keep Your Word

Keeping your word allows others to be able to trust you. You will need to be trustworthy, especially, if someone is not keeping their word with you, or is using you as a "scapegoat" to save themselves. It's never fair when you're used as a pawn in someone else's games, but you can "checkmate" them, if you play your hand honestly with the intention off saving yourself! So keep your word because your word is your bond, and is an intergral piece of your integrity. Therefore, if someone is untruthful to you and about you, others that know you and believe what you say will always come to your defence, if needed and will protect you.

3. Meditate and Pray

One thing that I know for sure is that prayer changes things. When I meditate on the hardships in my life, and how to overcome them I always receive the answers that I need. It doesn't matter how you worship, or your religious preferences. The point that I'm making is that I'm asking you to believe in a higher power, a source that is greater than you. Something you can place your faith into, and see results. I have specific scriptures in the bible that I always go to when I need guidance, and when I'm in trouble. I lean on the word. That's something that my Mom has always instilled in me, and encouraged me over the years in times of trouble. Lean not on your own thoughts for understanding.

Well folks, I hope that this post helps you this week. As you can tell, I needed to get "some thangs" off of my chest this week. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with me. Leave a comment. I will respond. Oh and remember, to 'CYA', by "Being Honest and Always Documenting Everything", "Keeping Your Word", and "Meditating and Praying." Have a beautiful day, and an excellent week! I send you positive vibes because, good vibes will always follow you.

Charmyra E. Fleming is a romance author with a deep desire to M.OTIVATE | A.SPIRE | I.NSPIRE, her readers and beyond to live their lives with purpose, intention, and full of passion. She is the author of The Violet Rose and Three's a Charm romance novels. Thank you for reading her blog post this morning. Hey, do her a favor, if you like or love this post, comment on it. She'd love to hear your feedback. Also, please feel free to share it with your family and friends in the social media universe. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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