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Book cover reveal: 'three's a charm

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Today, is very special because, I’m super excited to officially reveal the book cover for my second book, Three's a Charm in “The Purple Charm” Series.

Three's a Charm is a spicy story with a lot of twists and turns. I believe this cover captures the intense heat on the back of the main character as she deals with all of the spice in this story. Although, I designed the original cover for my first book, The Violet Rose, this time around I want to try something different. So I revamped the first book's cover, and went with something that super hot for the second book! It was an absolutely wonderful experience for me to have another graphic designer design the book cover for this story!

Three’s A Charm is a jaw-droppingly, sexy and utterly spicy story of one woman’s journey to happiness and redemption through the ups and downs of infidelity, love, and romance.

Monica Storrow, a successful sports attorney, for years has been constantly taken for granted and emotionally hurt by her husband, Adam, and now she’s fed up. Derrick Longwood, however, has never gotten over his college sweetheart, and Issac St. James, only wanted to be a friend that she could count on.

Looking for spice in her love life, Monica sets out to entertain the attention of two very handsome men. In addition to her husband, Monica, becomes the ultimate “player” in this balancing act. Soon she is slowly falling out of love with Adam, and slowly falling in love with being charmed by the affections of two men. 

When the details of yet another extramarital affair surfaces, Derrick professes his love for Monica, and threatens the marriage, both Monica and Adam must decide if this is the end. Monica always finds solace in the friendship of her budding romance with Issac. But is Issac willing to stay once he finds out he’s a pawn in Monica’s scheme to make Adam pay for his years of infidelity.

Three's a Charm is projected to be released in Fall 2019.

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