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Be My #Valentine!

Walk with me, and let love be the bond that binds us forever!

The traces of morning dew like fingerprints in the sand, leaves an unforgettable awareness of it's presence upon the individual blades of grass, only to disappear just as the sun rose over the horizon. God's gift to man, his rib in all of her glory softly turned within his arms to snuggle just a tad bit more, and the brightness of the sun as it peaked through the window treatments gradually illuminating their bedroom; caught her eye. Beaming and calling for her to awake from her slumber to start the day, "ahhh, I guess it is time to get up", she thought. Turning over to look at her love in his gorgeously handsome face, "oh how I love thee, my love, good morning and Happy Valentine's Day!", she said. He smiled, and with his eyes closed pulled her closer beneath the covers and whispered, "I love you too, and Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful."

Greetings and Good Morning! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope that your Valentine's Day 2019 is off to an amazing start. I was feeling a bit romantic, so I thought that I would start off today's blog post with something special! I love being in love, and I love the fulfillment that it brings. I hope that you enjoyed that little sneak peak into my romantic writing skills. Please grab my book, The Violet Rose, it will make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift or "any day" gift!

Since today is a day for lovers or to simply celebrate those that you love, I wanted to encourage you to not wait to show or tell someone how you truly feel. So many people miss the opportunity to share the "condition of their heart" with someone. We all know that life it not promised, so what are you waiting for? Ask him or her, "will you be mine?" It's worth all of the excuses you've made for not doing so in the past. Step out on your faith and make it happen. I will not call myself an "expert" on being in love, but I've been married for nearly 11 years, and with my husband for nearly 15 years. Sure, like most relationships we've had our ups and downs, and we still do (every now and then) but we make it work.

We've made a conscious effort everyday to show up for one another, and for that I am so incredibly grateful. I remember before I was married, my Mom would always say, "marriage is hard work, and you will see what I'm talking about when you have a marriage of your own one day girl." Needless to say, there was a lot of truth in that statement. There's been A LOT of sacrifice, compromise, and "taking one for the team" over the years, but this is the man I chose to spend my life with and I wouldn't have it any other way. It does get easier and the love gets stronger. I love him dearly and I know that what has always bonded us is our friendship, love and respect for one another.

5 Tips For A Successful Love Life:

1. Be willing to sacrifice. Sometimes in order for your love to grow it may take one or both of your sacrificing for the sake of your relationship to advance.

2. Always be supportive. When you're in a relationship or married to someone, YOU are their "go to" person. You need to be the one that builds them up, not tear them down. They need their ego stroked and you need to be their biggest cheerleader (and vice versa). You are whom they need to be able to lean on for undeniable support at all times!

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate! It is such a cliché, but I cannot say it enough! When you've been with someone for a long time they sometimes expect for you to read their minds, or maybe it's you that expect others to read your mind. Don't do that! We're not children, use your words to tell the other person what's bothering you. Once it's out in the open, you both can work toward reasonable solutions to resolve your issues.

4. Keep a loving presence between you. Try not to lose the spark between you. It's important to ignite that fire in your partner. There's so many distractions, and for some it can be easy to be lured away. However, it is your responsibility to keep it spicy and make your mate feel loved and wanted. Everyone wants to feel desired, and no one wants to feel pushed away or deprived of affection. So open the floodgates open wide and let the affection come in!

5. Give each other space! It is important to maintain your identity in a relationship. It is generally easier for women to lose themselves, and become more attached to their partner when it is new. Five years ago when I became a mom, this was also the case. Many new moms become completely engrossed in motherhood (and that is ok), that they forget to take care themselves. Don't forget to take care of yourself, both of you. You need time apart to miss one another. When you see each other, "catch up", enthusiastically engage in conversation, and "date" each other again.

Relationships do not have to be boring! You do not have to show love only on Valentine's Day. This should be an everyday occurrence! We need to get back loving each other and having loving households. These are just a few of the things that I do to keep my relationship fresh with my husband! Our children need to see us in love, and loving their parents! I think this world would be a much better place to live if there was love in our homes again.

Have a wonderful day! Spread light and love!

Peace and Happy #ValentinesDay2019!

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