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Mai Book of the Month: September

Greetings, Good Afternoon!😃

I hope all is well. Now that we're winding down the summer, and autumn🍂 is on well on it's way! I hope that you've been reading all summer. Well, I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to highlight and share my favorite book for the month of September!📖

This month I want to highlight and share, "The Mother of Black Hollywood" by Jenifer Lewis. This book was such a funny, inspirational, very straightforward and real account of Jenifer Lewis's life. I've truly enjoyed reading this book. I've laughed out loud, and I've cried. Reading this book, I could hear Jenifer speaking, as if, she were right in front of me, telling me the journey of her life. I've enjoyed learning about her accomplishments as a theatre actress, and travels all over the world. Fun fact, I remember my first time seeing her was in the movie, Beaches. The original, with Bette Midler. At the time, I didn't know her name or who she was until, "What's Love Got To Do With It" and "Corinna Corinna". That's when I connected her back to the movie, "Beaches". If you read the book, she brings you through that part of her life, and what was happening when those movies were made, and that was cool!

This book is, very honest about her relationships with the men in her life, friends and family, how she navigated being an actress finding her way to success, and her years of dealing with her mental instability. At her core, she's a free spirit, and she doesn't hold back. From this book, I can definitely count on her giving her opinions, "straight with no chaser"! One of the things that I love about Jenifer even more having read this book, is how she's always been fiercely and fearlessly confident she is in who she is and what her gift is. She is connected to her spirituality and she believes in herself. She is unapologetically real, and although she's had her ups and downs, she's keenly aware of her responsibility to her craft. Having that kind of confidence, is a take-away any reader of this book can apply to their own life. One of the quotes that I love, and she mentions a couple of times in the book by her friend Beverly is, "there is no journey greater than the journey within". There's so many great little gems throughout this book, and that's why I highly recommend you pick it up!

Happy reading this month! Please feel free to let me know, if you like this pick!

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