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Theives in the Temple of Confidence

Greetings, Good Morning! Happy Labor Day!

This morning, I considered sharing this post next week, but the feelings that I have on confidence couldn't wait. I needed to talk about how precious and incredibly "fragile" one's confidence can be. Having confidence is a very powerful quality to possess, and when it is threatened it can make you feel low. For me, I attribute my confidence, as a direct correlation to the joy in my life, and my spiritual connection to God. I want to focus today's post, on how our confidence becomes threatened when we're distracted from God's guidance, how this happens, and how to get your confidence back if it does. So let's dive right in!

Recently, I noticed that my confidence had hit an all-time low. Ironically, so had my connection to God. I was meditating, but I wasn't reading the word of God and meditating on it. The spirit and the subject was absent. Therefore, I became distracted from God's guidance, and there was a slow and steady "drip" of negativity entering my space. My spirit felt robbed of it's joy, and I began to feel a negative presence in my life and my heart. I will be honest, this was a scary feeling because, I believe in God. I pray, and I consider myself to have a spiritual connection with my God. So naturally, in this situation, I turned to my faith. I reached out to some friends that provided their advice, but I still felt broken. Our confidence, will become threatened when we are distracted from God's guidance. When that happens, negative forces will appear, as "thieves" set on stealing your confidence. Those negative forces manifested several ways in my life. For instance, I've always been able to receive constructive criticism, and I've always maintained my confidence because, I believed in myself. However, being distracted caused me to doubt my writing ability, graphic designing and creativity, credibility, question my worth, and I was reading into genuine feedback negatively. So this explains why, I was losing my confidence. Then I realized, this was also happening because, I'd removed God from being connected to the confidence that I had in myself. God said, "I am his child, and I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me", and that I do believe.

So, this morning, I prayed for my confidence. I took it back to basics, I read my bible, and meditated for nearly forty-five minutes on God's word. I needed a spiritual cleansing to get my confidence back. I thank God, that he hears me and that my heart is open to receive his guidance, and that gives me confidence. If you're feeling a loss of confidence, I implore you to connect with your God, as I did. You can can get through this. Don't allow the "thieves of confidence" dressed as negativity rob you of your confidence. Ask for God's guidance over your life today!

In closing, I don't care what you believe in or to whom you pray, without some sort guiding source of power to fuel your confidence, thieving negative forces will rob you blind of your confidence and joy. Read the word, pray, and meditate on him. God will be the source of your confidence, and happiness will soon follow. I've been my happiest and most confident when, I trusted God's guidance and I knew that he was present in my life. I lean not on my own understanding, but heed to his word, and I shall find my confidence and go forth into the world as a beacon of light!

Peace and Happy #MondayMotivation!

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