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5 Reasons Why Perspective Is A Wonderful Motivator

Greetings and Good Morning,

I hope that you're well! Today, I want to dive right into a concept that I've been mulling extensively over this past week. So with that said, I've had this thought of "perspective" and what it means to have "perspective as a motivator" on my mind. I've been wanting to understand why, "perspective is wonderful" and how it motivates me to be a better person.

Recently, I was watching an episode of one of my favorite Netflix series, "Anne with an 'E'". The little girl and title character of the show, "Anne", made a comment that resonated with me. She said, "perspective is wonderful". Then the show then began to give a panoramic view of her surroundings in nature, and from a literal frame of reference to her immediate reality, that statement was true. So I began to ponder deeply on this statement. As I thought about it, and I asked myself why, "perspective is wonderful", and why, is it a wonderful motivator? As I answered these questions, five reasons emerged, and I realized they are indeed wonderful motivators. I hope that you think so too! Let's check them out!

Perspective is wonderful, as well as, a motivator because it does the following:

1. Gauges the depth of your character. The depths of your perspective is a direct correlation to how open one is to various issues and topics. Do feel open to other's perspective, in addition, to the evolution of your own? Someone that is deficient of true character may have a limited and/or narrow perspective of life. Those that have opened themselves to receive and understand new perspectives, will be changed in some way or another. Hopefully for the better, hence, adding to their character in a positive manner.

2. It's dynamic. It is ever changing. This attitude should not be static. Your perspective, I believe, should evolve with you as you grow. Age doesn't matter. The growth and the journey, however, does. If your perspective has not changed over time, but the way in which we as a society look at various topics has, or the people around you perspectives have changed, maybe you should do a quick check of your own perspective. I'm not suggesting that you need to change how you feel morally, or change your value system. I'm simply saying, your attitude in life, also known as your perspective, should be evolving.

3. It's Introspective. Your growth as an individual will allow you to use your perspective as a tool for self-analysis and self-reflection. I think, we should at various times in life, need to take a step back and look inward. Right now, I need to know where I stand, and where I need my perspective to grow. The only way I can do this, is if, I can stop, and self-analyze my perspective regularly. There have been times in my life, where I was off base and once I re-evaluated my perspective, I could understand where other's were in their thoughts, and it made more sense. Therefore, I was able to grow from understanding where I lacked perspective.

4. It can reach far and wide with the ability to positively influence. Reaching out to the masses allows you to impart your personal perspective as a mode of giving others a another viewpoint to consider. We all have a duty to help and love one another. Having a positive perspective that is diverse and inclusive, will extend far and wide. Most people are open to another viewpoint, as long as, it makes sense and positively influences them for the better. If your perspective can make a difference, then share it with the intention of doing good in the world. This will hopefully motivate others to follow your lead, and that's a motivating factor that cannot be beat!

5. It is not easily abstracted from other concepts, but is a component to how various concepts are viewed. Your perspective is the way in which you view all kinds of topics, situations, and issues. You cannot easily or completely separate, if at all, your perspective from a concept because, it is a component of how you think. So, maintaining the core values of your perspective will allow you stay true to what you feel without attempting to isolate the important pieces of various concepts. Which will in turn, allow you to be open enough to consider all components of a concept positively, contribute to it and grow from it.

Today, I spoke of the "wonderfulness" of perspective as a motivator in general terms. However, I think that it is safe to say, that my five reasons, looks at perspective as a motivator for personal character development and growth. The 5 reasons, have innately motivated me to be a better person that is mindful of my perspective, and a great motivator of how it's reflective of my character. I believe, and I hope that you can agree, that perspective is a beautiful motivator for a person with depth and character. We can look at perspective in the visual sense, in terms of our surroundings, or we can think of our perspective, in the terms of our attitudes, how we think, and how we view what we feel against the content of our character. If we think of perspective in this way, the conversation should be more introspective with an opportunity for personal evolution. I hope that it clicks and motivates you to be a better you too!

Happy Monday! Have a wonderful day, "Mai" friends!

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