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“Mai” Book Cover Reveal

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Today, is a special “Mai Monday Motivation” because, I’m super excited to officially reveal the book cover for my first book, The Violet Rose in “The Purple Charm” Series.

The Violet Rose is a beautiful love story about two passionate individuals. I believe the cover captures the beauty that’s found in the layers of this story. It was an absolutely wonderful experience for me to design this book cover, and to write this story!

Violet Rogers just turned thirty years old and is starting to realize the purpose for her life. Her passion for dance has made her electrifying as a dancer, but her estranged relationship with her parents, past relationships with men, and a difference of opinion on where her life should be, with her now, ex-boyfriend, has made finding true love with someone that respects her passion difficult. Until, she meets someone that is equally as passionate, and finds that their passion is music, and everything changes. Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows of her blossoming relationship is a vengeful ex-boyfriend hell bent on making her pay for leaving him. Jamison Nathaniel Starks better known as, “Nate Starks”, is an incredible musician that is well off financially, but has had a difficult time balancing his romantic relationships with his music. His passion for music has always interfered with his ability to find love. After breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, he realizes that his passion for music can’t replace his desire for love. In the midst of trying to find love, he receives critical information about his past that will affect the future of his financial welfare. Despite the differences in their passion Violet and Nate are able to find mutual respect and friendship in one another. Will they be able to find love with each other and will that love be strong enough to face the outside forces that threaten to tear them apart?

The Violet Rose is projected to be released in July 2018.

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