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Conquering Intimidation, the Byproduct of Trepidation with Bravery & Valor

Take a moment, and consider the thought of not making the most of a tough situation, due to intimidation from fear. Now, would you agree with me, that, as individuals we face a host of issues on a daily basis, that can be considered very intimidating? Of course, you would! Of couse, we do, that answer goes without saying. The trepidation of intimidation, could be brought on, for instance, by the fear of trying that new dance class, returning to school after years of being in the workforce, or pursing a new career field. For me, it was leaving a very comfortable career, and stepping out on my own to start my own business. In doing so, I found, one of the forces trying to stop me, was intimidation, and what I later realized is that, it is a byproduct of trepidation. Facing your fears takes bravery and valor in the face of the unknown. Conquering those fears is what makes you stronger, it builds character, and moves you to the next level in life. Knowing your abilities, and having the willingness to meet challenges head on takes courage and determination. It also, allows you to grow from those moments in life where it is intimidating. Those individuals, unwilling to move forward in those intimidating moments, fall prey to complacency and never realize their full potential. If you’re daring enough, you can conquer and prosper to higher heights, and with that you’ll find that you’re far from where you started, and if you’re smart you’ll never stop growing. There’s a story behind every struggle to defeat the predators of trepidation, known as, fear, intimidation, and self-doubt. I’m here to tell you, it can be done, you can overcome intimidation and trepidation. I will never live my life succumbing to the negative effects of being too afraid to try, and neither should you! You can conquer intimidation with positive affirmations, surround yourself with people of like minds and positivity, and always bring your “A” game! Remember, “the lights are always on, and you should shine your light everywhere you go!” Someone is always looking for that glow, it’s the power of elevation! “Mai Monday Motivation”, is for you to be encouraged and step out on faith! Realize that you’re brave and have the ability to do whatever you desire! This world is your oyster! So give yourself a pat on the back for trying! Be brave, have valor and never give up, and never allow intimidation and trepidation to rob you of the life you deserve to live!

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