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Mai Salute to Mai Daddy

Special Post: Happy Father’s Day!

You were once to this world just another young, black man, cooler than the breeze of a waving church fan.

Until that faithful day the nurse rested me in your hands, from that day forward you became a better man.

You became the figure from which my standards of man now stands, and through your example I’ve learned to understand.

As a tot, I was always by your side, your tiny shadow with big dreams, and the proudest kid on the block.

My class field trips were the best because, you were the one father to always volunteer to drive, and I thought that was better than the rest.

You are, my friend and my father, you make me proud to be a family man’s daughter.

When I was sick, you wiped my runny nose, made me laugh, and bought me all of my girly clothes.

Gave me a roof over my head, and made sure I was always fed. Your shoulder was always my favorite pillow, and brought me peace like the weeping willow.

As young child, at the bus stop, I never knew what it felt like to stand alone in the rain or the cold, even when others thought, I was too old, my Daddy protected me, and I felt like I was precious gold. I’m my Daddy’s one and only cutie pie, and I thank you, Daddy, because, you’ve always been there, always cared.

You’re more than my father, Charles G., your blood flows through me, without you, I’d never be, and I thank God for the years of life he’s given thee.

Today I honor you, because, I never wanted to live my life having never known you. I’m the woman I am today because, part of my DNA and name comes from you!

“In life, some of us, have been blessed to have fathers that take fatherhood to the next level, and those fathers are affectionately known, as ‘Daddy’!”

I love you, Daddy! Thank you for everything! 💜😃🙏🏾

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