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Don’t Lose Your Spark Due To Self-Doubt!

This morning I’m reminded not to “lose my spark”! I wanted to talk about “self-doubt” when starting a new journey or endeavor, and how self-doubt is the enemy of faith. When self-doubt shows up, it can make a positive situation stressful and negative. So, I want to talk with you, about how it nearly caused me to “lose my spark” recently when it “showed up uninvited” in my life, and how I’ve chosen to deal with it. This past week for me and my family was hands down spectacular! We recently wrapped up a weeklong vacation to the Outer Banks, and returned home over the Memorial Day weekend. Many of my family and friends know that I’m currently “unemployed”, and I’m actually attempting to self-publish my first book. I’ve also, decided to take on a few side projects to generate income for myself, through a new business venture I’m starting. For me, becoming an author and entrepreneur has been a lifelong dream, that I’m so thankful to God it’s finally coming together at this stage in my life. Since leaving my corporate full-time job, I’ve not felt any anxiety about “working for myself” until, this past weekend. For the 2 months since leaving my job, I’ve had this “spark” of positive energy that has been fueling my drive to self-publish my book and start a business. However, on the way home, I felt afraid. I was afraid because reality was settling in, and I was returning to the unknown, no real job, but this new path that I was in the beginning stages of creating. I actually began to doubt whether or not this is the right path that I should take for my life. I was starting to self-doubt because, I missed having a full-time job, and knowing that I was going to have stable income. Sure, my life has been great since I’ve started the journey to becoming a writer, but is it sustainable? Is what I asked myself. Then I asked myself, are you really able to do this full-time and make a decent living? Sure, It would be easy for me to just give up, and take the first job that is offered to me. Whether the job fit or not wouldn’t matter, as long as, I’d have a steady income again. But something said, “stop sabotaging your future!” I realized the self-doubting is not me. It’s not what I do. I’ve never given up on anything worth fighting for, and I’m not starting now. Yes, becoming the woman, a solid businesswoman, that I want to be in life that can make the moves she wants, starts here, starts now, with faith and all self-doubt cast aside! I know that there will be “ups and downs, smiles and frowns”, but I’ll have them as my own boss. I know that I want in life, and to get there I have to remain cool, stress free, and faithful without any shadow of a doubt! My “cousin-in-law” said something to his wife (who’s also a business owner) and I, over our family vacation that stuck with me he said, “I admire you both for having the courage to step out on your own to start your own businesses. I don’t know if I could do it.” Hearing him say that, reaffirmed why I’m doing this, it let me know, someone is always watching what you do. If you let “self-doubting” deter you from your dreams and passions in life, you risk losing the opportunity to inspire others to follow in your footsteps! Sure, having the courage to follow your own path will get tough, but mentally you have to be tougher and never doubt! Be careful with your thoughts because, they manifest into your reality. Be Blessed! “Keep the sun on your back and let the world see your spark!” Happy Motivational Monday! A special thank you, to all the servicemen and servicewomen on this beautiful Memorial Day!

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