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Mai Music Zone

The official music of Creative Calfuray, LLC & The Violet Rose

Official music by "Jamison Nate Starks" and the soundtrack for my first book titled, The Violet Rose


I had fun exploring my creative talents while writing this book. In addition to writing the book, I created poetry, as written by Violet, and a soundtrack of music by Nate. Nate’s music is available now and can be found on Soundcloud, by searching for The Violet Rose Music Playlist. I thought that it would be fun to offer additional content for my readers, and by my characters. So readers can have this unique and valuable content created by myself, as a companion to the book.​

Check out "Mai" Spotify playlist containing the official Prince music that I listened to and inspired me, as I wrote my first romance novella, The Violet Rose!

I hope that you love it as much as I enjoyed listening as I wrote this beautiful love story!

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