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M.A.I. Monday Motivation: disappointment is the enemy of Happiness...don't let it steal your Power!

Greetings and Good Morning! Happy Monday!

Before we get started today, let's send some earthly love to the heavens to wish our ancestor, Michael Jackson, a Happy Heavenly Birthday! He was such a iconic figure in American Pop Culture and music!

This morning, let’s dive into today’s message with fervor and enthusiasm. If you haven’t already done so this morning, please take a moment of gratitude. This is just a moment for you to stop and be thankful, and to center your thoughts and energy. During this moment, take a deep breath, say a short prayer (if applicable), and or quiet your internal voice. Ok, do this now…please stop 🛑 ✋reading just for a minute or two.

Did you do it? Wonderful! Ahhh, doesn’t the energy in the room and around you feel a bit lighter? If you answered, “good for you!” If not, take a little more time, and then join us. Ok, now that we’ve set the tone for our day, grab your coffee or tea, and let’s jump into today’s message!

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2

Ever thought about how stressful dealing with a disappointment can be? In a work situation, being disappointed with someone or something can lead to a lot of unexpected stress. Today, I wanted to touch on disappointment, and how feeding into the affects of it can manifest into discord and negativity within our lives. Disappoint is the enemy of truth, trust and happiness. When you’re disappointed in something or someone, in many ways you lose some level of trust, and you may become sad or angry as a result. When someone disappoints you, it’s likely because you’ve trusted their word and believed what they said, and they let you down. The disappointment can also have negative physical affects on you. For instance, you may begin to have headaches where you typically don't, or you may have an increased appetite and begin eating junk food. It can even lead to depression. To be disappointed in someone or something is to realize that it has hurt you. Acknowledging the hurt is the first step in getting over the pain, so that you can let go of the feeling of disappointment. Holding on to those feelings for too long can begin to affect your thoughts, and ultimately begins to manifest negativity in your life. I don't know about you, but I often hear discussions about how, what we think helps to manifest our destiny. Who wants a disappointment to affect their thought process so much that they begin to attract all kinds of negativity to manifest in their space? I know that I don't. Depending on the individual, when you’re hurt by them, or let’s say, you disappoint them, they may or may not be affected by it and vice versa. It’s all about your sensitivity to the situation at hand and how you feel overall. Whatever you feel about the disappointment, you cannot dwell in it or with it. Doing so will affect your self-confidence, happiness, and mental stability. You have to be willing to let it go.

Recently, I’ve had an experience with an outcome that was very disappointing. I noticed that my emotions were heavily attached to this situation. To be quite honest, it really didn’t need to be. I noticed that where I’m usually a happy go-lucky, positive, upbeat person, the energy surrounding this disappoint was bringing me down. It made me doubt myself, question why, and think negatively about the future. I felt let down and I was sad about it. Today, I realize that the disappointment is not my fault. I did nothing wrong, and therefore, I have to let it go! Disappointment is a negative drain on your psyche, and you cannot allow it to have power.

The message today is to not let a disappointment bring you down. The scripture today, lets us know that we are not alone...ever! Never let a disappointing situation or actions from a individual that leads to disappointment consume you. You have the power to change the course of the situation. You did nothing wrong, and although you may feel a sense of being let down in the moment, do not allow the negativity surrounding the disappointment trick you into believing that there's something with you. Remember you can do all things, so, get back at it! Reclaim your self-confidence and power through! Let's go! Have an amazing day and week!

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