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"M.a.I." life's ballad through words: My Mind

Greetings and Good Monday Morning Everyone,

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! This year, I wasn't feeling as "patriotic" to celebrate Independence Day, as years past to celebrate it. Before I went home to visit with my family in NC, I stumbled upon one of my old notebooks that I used to write poetry in. Today, I want to share a piece that I wrote on 12/22/2008 at 4:29 AM. Writing is my independence, it gives me freedom. I can go anywhere in my mind, I can shut out the noise and let in God's light. I truly know that I was meant to write, and that God's purpose for my life is to use my words to move and inspire people. It is something to be said when, you read something that stirs you. It's a reckoning and power grips you into action, you can't sit on that kind of feeling. Its been 12 years since I wrote this piece and I can still feel it stir me. I feel the feelings that I felt having to get it out on paper when I awoke from my sleep, in the middle of the night, and immediately began to write. I didn't choose this #writerslife, God chose me! I hope that you enjoy this piece!

"My Mind"

Let lens be free, let lens be free

sun rays like sun beams rain down on me.

Shine where there is no light,

fist pound in the air from strength to fight.

Give birth to He that cures the storm,

warm is my skin within the night,

I'm guided free into the light.

Pain no more, free is love, love is joy,

Like all things in life we may stumble and fall.

Power He's given me through the gift of words,

my body burned just to scribble out these words.

I'm half asleep but I accomplished this feat,

for what my Father awoke me in the middle of the night,

I wrote in repeat.

I don't know what it means and today I might not understand,

but He says one day in these words,

a message we'll comprehend.

God is love, Amen!

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