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2018 In Review: "It Was All A Dream"

Greetings and Good Morning All!

I hope that you've had a very festive and exciting Christmas last week! Now that it's over it's time to review the year that was, 2018! There's so much to review, but I'll focus on a few of my favorite points from 2018. Let's dive right in shall we!

"It was all a dream, I used to read 'WordUp' magazine..."

~Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace

When we were younger there's so many things that we, as individuals dream of for our lives. What were the dreams that you've had for your life? For me, it was writing, and as I entered 2018, I knew there were some things that I wanted to have happen. Most importantly finishing my book, somehow publishing it, and investing. Yeah, I went "hard in the paint" for investing and even started writing a book about how to get started. More on that in the future! I say all of that to say, "I'm so proud that I accomplished things and went beyond." Now, let me ask you, did you put your thoughts and plans into action this year? I hope so because, if you have, then you and I, my friend share the same excitement and sense of accomplishment right now! Doesn't it feel good? Yes, revel in your accomplishments! It feels good to know that your dreams are manifesting into your reality, right? It feels good knowing that you have something tangible and real to show for your hard work! I commend you for making it happen in 2018! I don't want bore you or bring your mood down by looking back over some of the most thought-provoking, gut-wrenching, debate laden, and heartfelt stories of 2018. Instead, I want to keep it light and end it on a high note!

Here's My Year in Review! Check out a few of my favorite moments from 2018!

1. Greatest Accomplishment of 2018: My 1st Book Launched

2. Goal to Finish Before Ending 2018: Wrote My 2nd Book, Three's A Charm in less than 30 Days

  • I set a goal immediately after completing The Violet Rose in April 2018, to begin working on my second book. My goal was to do it in 30 days. Well, needless to say, "I totally smashed that goal", and completed the book in 17 writing days (not consecutive). I'm so proud of the second book, and I can't wait to release it in 2019.

3. Most Memorable Moment: "M.A.I." Branded Merchandise Launched

  • I'm so driven by the idea of "Motivating others, to Aspire to be great, and in turn Inspiring the world around me", that I decided to create a brand of merchandise that donned my name and represented my core beliefs. This brand is an extension of me, my writing, and why I write. "M.A.I." writing is and will always be meant to Motivate, Aspire, and Inspire my readers and beyond, to live their lives with passion, intention, impactful, and with purpose. (Click on image to go to merchandise)

4. Favorite Album: 'Dirty Computer' by Janelle Monáe

  • This album completely blew my socks off! I fell in love with this album because, it reminded me so much of my favorite musician and singer, "Prince". My favorite track on this album is 'I Got The Juice (feat. Pharrell Williams). That song is my anthem!

5. Favorite Music Track: 'Adieu' by Trina Broussard

  • Anyone that knows me, knows that I urban line dance, and I love it! It is one of my favorite hobbies and past times. There is a line dance with the same name that was released in 2017, but it had a lot of play at line dance events in 2018, and I love it! Check it out! Click here to check out the dance.

6. Toughest Day: Friday, March 16, 2018

  • This day was bittersweet for me because, it was my last day with my former employer, and also the day I became an entrepreneur. It marked the day that I officially left Boston, MA and moved to Frederick, MD.

7. Most Fun: Trips to ATL, OBX, and Weekend in D.C.

  • In January, a friend and I attended the ATL Jamz Line Dance Weekend in Atlanta, GA. That was a weekend to remember! It has gone down in our books as our best weekend. In May, we took our first family trip in a number of years to the Outer Banks, NC. Needless to say, it was very relaxing, and we had a wonderful time. Finally, In October, I celebrated my birthday in Washington, D.C. across from the White House, with one of my best friends! Then we ended the night at a Halloween themed line dance event!

8. Proudest Moment: Watching my best friend receive her M.B.A. from the University of Miami

  • December proved to be an excellent month for all kinds of celebrations, and things to be thankful for. After nearly two years, I had the distinct honor and pleasure, to travel to Miami, FL to watch my best friend and sister, graduate from the University of Miami! What a time we had together!

9. Happiest Times: Spending Christmas in N.C.

  • This Christmas season could not have been more fun! I was able to spend it with all of my family and friends. I'm so grateful for them. We had plenty of food, laughs, and fun! This is what the holidays should be. My husband, son, and I really bonded and it was a fantastic time!

10. Fit Goal Accomplishment: Participated my 1st 5k and completed 16 weeks of working out!

  • Finally, I completed my first 5k with a family member. I always wanted to do it, but was too chicken to really do it! But, I finally did it! In addition, I kept a "fit goal" and made it a habit! I've honored it, and as a result I've completed 16 weeks of working out consistently. I've never don't that before! Now, today I'm entering a new phase, phase 5, and completed my Let's Get It (LGI) Workout. Send 2018 out with a BANG, I did the following along with my normal LGI exercises: 100 Squats, 90 Lunges, 80 Duck-walks, 70 Deadlifts, 60 Glute Bridges, 50 Donkey Kicks, 40 Knee Raises, 30 Bent Over Raises, 20 Russian Twists, and 10 Sit-Ups. Now that was a workout and a great way to end this year and say, sayonara to 2018.

I hope 2018 has been wonderful for you! Thank you, for connecting with me this year. I wish you all the best in 2019! May God bless you with joy, happiness, and prosperity in the upcoming year!

Peace & Blessings,

Charmyra "Mai" Fleming

Peace and Happy #MondayMotivation!

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