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Merry Christmas! Wait, Don’t Forget Your 2018 Goals!

Season’s Greetings!🎊🎁🎄🎁🎄🎉

Yes! The Christmas holiday season is amongst us, yet, again, and during this time there is much needed giving to the less fortunate; gift giving to our loved ones; and spending lots of special moments with those we love. In the midst of all of the festivities 🥳, we must remember ourselves.

Please do not forget to take care of YOU! It is totally, “ok”, to step back and reset during this time! So many people forget to do this and become “burned out” on being around family early on, into all of the holiday cheer, and run the risk of having a “meltdown” or “blow up” on everyone. Trust me, one or both is bound to happen when you neglect your needs. In addition to others, keep your promises to yourself. Also, remember, hopefully during the course of 2018, you’ve set up goals for yourself to achieve. I’m hoping that you’ve managed to accomplish most, if not, all of them, but if you still have items on your list, now is not the time to give up! As we close out 2018, dig deep to bang out your remaining 2018 goals and finish strong!

This morning, I struggled to get out of bed. I’ll be honest, I wanted to sleep in, and I wanted to use the excuse, “it’s Christmas, you can go back to sleep”, but I didn’t! As soon as, I turned over; snuggled just a little tighter underneath those nice fluffy blankets; and released a breathy, “ahhh” with a smile of contentment on my face, signifying my current level of relaxation and ultimate sense of comfort with my plush comfy bed, that little person with a loud and influential voice, named, “M.A.I. Conscious” wouldn’t let me sleep! She started to annoy me. Urging me to wake up and get up, and because, there are goals that I’ve set for myself this year, and one of those things is working out, and therefore, I had to get up RIGHT NOW! So I did!

Since September 2018, I’ve been working out with one of my best friends that live in Florida. We’ve kept each other accountable to our goals. For the last 16 weeks, I’ve been waking up on time each morning, 5 days on and 2 days off before 7 am, to complete our workouts! Today, I started the fourth week for our “Let’s Get It” (LGI) Workout, and I feel great! I’m so happy with my results. I love my family and friends, but doing little things like this to take care of myself, makes me a better person for them during the stresses of the holiday season! Plus, I’m continuing my efforts to reach each goal I’ve set for 2018. Many of which I’ve reached, and you’ve been here for it all!

This Christmas Eve, I had the opportunity to go to the movies, much like, many families during their holiday break, and I saw the new, ‘Spider Man’ movie. One of the takeaways I got from the movie is to, “keep my promises”, “take a leap of faith”, and “face your fears”. All of these ideas we know, and have heard before but it’s nice to be reminded of them. These things are so important to keep in mind for our own well-being.

So how are you progressing with your 2018 goals? Are you almost there or not quite? Who cares, do what you can! Finish what you can! No matter what they are “go hard in the paint”, to finish them. Don’t get to the end of the year, and complain about not finishing, especially, if you didn’t try. Also, take care of yourself during this holiday season, your family and friends deserve to see you happy and thriving at your highest level! I promise you’ll feel great about closing out this year, and going into 2019, if you finish with a bang!

I leave you today, with happy thoughts of joy and wonder! May you enjoy this wonderful holiday season with those you love dearly in life! Remember, to take care of yourself so that you can be there for your loved ones unconditionally!

“That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.” ~ Stan Lee

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